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Natalia Tyurin - about a holiday, which always with us

History the first. The beginning
to It was twenty three when with the underlined forwardness and lifeless eyes for horror it has approached to me to get acquainted and has there and then invited to note this event. I worked already whole year with it in one television edition, but never paid attention to this narrow silhouette. Me men with ten superfluous kgs, an easy grey hair and strongly pronounced cynicism interested. One such cynic with indifference of the surgeon has skinned me alive year for two before and has left to continue fartsovyj the Moscow binge of the eightieth with other enthusiastic schoolgirls of the first courses of institutes. The skin again did not want to grow, to lose to me there was nothing. We have gone to sticky restaurant with thick crystal and small plateaus from Duleva on tables. Usually susceptible, I as if also did not notice lazy rudeness of waiters. To me became so well in it doperestroechnom a public catering that I, seconds without doubting, has answered it CERTAINLY when he, on - teenage drunk, has declared: You laugh to my jokes, and it is pleasant to me, we should get married .

I have resulted it home and, velev to go to bed, have gone to calm mother who has decided to protest against occurrence in the house of the drunk man. When I have told to it that it and not the man at all, it was in the doorway its bedrooms with a remark: Who not the man? I, by the way, the future husband . Mother has burst out laughing, because on it of anything, except a cap, was not, and we laughed three together the whole three weeks about the day of our wedding. Then, when after a banquet we at last have gone to bed, he has looked at me, I - on it and we have understood that that, for the sake of uzakonivanija that people marry, we still never did. To us had no time for routine. Then we removed transfers to spite of those who said that it is impossible to live and work together, in the evenings moulded pelmeni with our operator and became favourites of the Moscow televiewer to which went to the aid, swinging the chamber and a microphone. In the country all reconstructed, broke old, without being able to do new, and we created new television style and thought that revolutionaries. And this love was nemerenoj as nemereno there was also our happiness.

in some months I was at home one in front of the TV and looked, how he told to Vladimir Molchanov about our love and the child which here - here will be born, paternal I and have not come on New Year`s release well-known TILL the MIDNIGHT being afraid to be delivered in the face of millions. Molchanov looked at me from the screen the close up and wished good luck much, my mum lay in hospital, and to live to it there was not enough time, and I ate vinaigrette and cried because that was not agreed that they sit in the TV, and I with a paunch am at home. And still I precisely knew that my ten-monthly happiness remains in this TV a feature film. The daughter has strongly struck me from within on a waist, I ordered to sit to it quietly because did not want to give birth for New year, we have drunk with it of champagne for the best times, and after thirteen days, for Russian New year, it has asked on light again. The country in which she was born, began to collapse, people have ceased to love us, it seemed to us that we have ceased to love each other, and, having collected the strength, we have begun new life.

history the second. On a beach
the Daughter has led it to us home in day of Catholic Christmas. She did not mark this holiday, because considered itself rusofilkoj as what considered often never by children of emigrants living on the historical native land. And it was the Moslem and Christmas did not mark basically. They gathered in night club, the daughter has left upward to put on, and it remained with me and my small son to dress up a fur-tree. It was very big and soft, as a teddy bear, in the white woollen sweater. It easily threw up my son upwards, and that squealed from delight, and I have suddenly understood that anybody never carried me on hands. We spoke about boxer Mohammed Ali and mint tea, it liked my photos, and it has strongly reddened, when I have suggested it to me to pose. It was beautiful as an icon and as can be beautiful only dvadtsatitrehletnie magrebintsy. During any moment we with the daughter have understood that it will not go to night club any more. It remained with me. In the evening have returned from a golf my second husband and that very first and most important, which has warmed me twenty years ago and continued to heat each time when I ran into grief from eternal conflicts to my new French compatriots. He in a golf did not play, but a fur-tree to dress up too did not love. For twenty years I have learnt all its jokes, but on - former laughed, reconsidering episodes of that film which remained in the old Moscow TV. And it has not found the new fan of the talent and on a habit had holidays with me and that who raised his daughter. It was not close with one of the fathers, and the only thing that her excited, - who from them will lead it to an altar.

for New year my French husband has left. Typical kortezianets and result of Jesuit education, in everyday life it was not with us as worked much, and on holidays to remain with a family considered as narrow-mindedness. For fifteen years of joint life it has not remembered date of day of my birth and just in case all Russian women called Tatyanas. Me called Natalia, but I did not argue.

for remained with me I have prepared a pig, having forgotten that from - for dislike for pork people become Moslems. Is there was nothing more, and then I have suggested to go on a beach to be photographed. We have washed ashore all furniture, frightened and raised by that could accept us for thieves and we will spend New Year in police. This idea very much inspired my daughter. It shouted in all throat, trying to draw attention of responsible neighbours, and most of all it was pleasant to my son that at first I have forced its new great friend to go on a beach with the vacuum cleaner, and then it nailed an empty frame to the sky. And it was pleasant to me that he all time dragged me on hands that I have not wetted a foot, and still absolutely serious intonation of the nurse worrying that a frame hang up too highly.

it was not pleasant to the Ex-husband of anything, and he all time has stayed in an armchair, pretending that reads. From us it not seemed to anybody that we group of madwomen. After some days at supper the son has joyfully informed everything that it has now a father, which very ridiculous and vacuums beaches. Two days husbands abused me, and have then drunk kalvadosu - and all became as always.

... He long wrote to me. I loved its style and that ease from which he spoke about hopelessness of life without me. In one and a half year of the letter have ceased to come.

an epilogue. Twenty years later
In sixty years I have died of an old age. The house have decided to sell. The daughter lived in London with the husband, and the son in twenty three was not interested in rainy Normandy. Gather in the house last time they could only for New year. I very much waited for them. First five minutes we have understood what to remain in the big private residence in which there are no sounds more, has been intolerable. It has been decided to go in when - that restaurant favourite by me. The daughter has suggested to present one or two my photos to the owner of restaurant. Removing them from a wall, she has told: Mums, here you dreamt of an exhibition - and at you it will be. It is our New Year`s gift to you .

the Owner was delighted to a gift and has there and then hung up photos over a bar.

- and what became with this guy? - The son has asked the sister, looking on is black - a white beach on which many years ago we dragged the vacuum cleaner, armchairs and carpets.

- you do not know? Mum considered that it should build the life, instead of to lounge about all time near to it. It has made many its portraits, and he with pleasure dragged its equipment. To it was absolutely uninteresting to build other life. Then it has ceased to start up it. He very much suffered, but we thought that it will pass. Then we have learnt that it has left in the Foreign legion. Nobody is more about it heard, though I know that she searched for it.

there Has come New year. They have drunk for new life. I did not hear, about what they speak. The photo from which I observed of them, hung too far from their table, and besides to me stirred vacuum cleaner noise.