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Thailand forces down to itself the price

the New government of Thailand has published the plan of rescue of the tourist branch which are in deep crisis after mass riots and blockade by demonstrators of the capital airports in November - December of last year. For support of the tourist`s industry of the power will allocate 1 mlrd batov (about $26,5 million). Now to visit Thailand to tourists begins more cheaply. With details - the correspondent in Bangkok ALEXEY - IONS.
tourism in Thailand which gives 7 % of gross national product and is the main source of currency receipts, it has appeared in deep crisis. certainly, influence of world economic recession affects, but most of all on tourism eight-day blockade by antigovernmental demonstrators of two airports of Bangkok " has struck; - the minister of tourism and sports of Thailand Chumpon Silapaarcha recognised.

As time and again wrote From November, 26th till December, 3rd last year supporters of the National union for democracy kept in the hands two airports of Bangkok - Suvannapum and Don Myang, demanding government resignation. More than 300 thousand tourists then could not depart home. On December, 2nd, 2008 the constitutional court of Thailand has dismissed correcting Party of people`s power, recognising as its guilty of payoff of voters. The government has retired, demonstrators have raised blockade of the airports. To the power the oppositional Democratic party has come. And one of leaders of demonstrators of Kasit Piromja became the Minister for Foreign Affairs in new government Aphisita Vatchichavy.

After aeroport crisis the stream of tourists to Thailand has fallen more than twice. Under government forecasts, this year Thailand plan to visit only 6 - 7 million tourists instead of 14,5 million in 2007 and 13,5 million in the past. To break this unfortunate trend, the minister of tourism of Chumpon Silapaarcha has prepared the plan of restoration of tourist branch of Thailand which consists of 13 points.

the plan provides that the government will oblige the state air carrier Thai Airways International to lower the tariffs for 50 %. To other (private) air carriers it will be urgently recommended to make the same.

other not less radical measure - full cancellation of a payment for tourist visas for citizens of all countries. It is supposed that this decision will operate six months with possible prolongation on half a year. Now Russians and citizens of the majority of the European states can visit Thailand without the visa for the term up to 30 days. Now free become for them two - and three-monthly visas which are rather popular.

the tourism Ministry also intends to ask to lower the government for one year of the VAT for hotel business, and state company Thailand Airports - to reduce gathering from air carriers. Other measures mean increase in marketing budgets on advancement of tourism of Thailand in other countries and decrease in taxes from hotels. It is recommended to banks to finance tour operators on favourable terms, and the input in national parks is supposed to be made free - now it costs 200 batov (about $5,5).

Yesterday the minister of tourism has informed that the government of Thailand has confirmed the special budget in 1 mlrd batov (about $26,5 million) on lifting of tourist branch. The contribution to this business has decided to bring and association of hotels of Thailand. Its president Prakit Chinamurphong has declared that three - and four-star Thai hotels plan to lower twice the quotations for the period from February till March.

Among the basic directions on which the government plans to direct marketing efforts, - China, India, the Near East, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. Russia in this list is not present, as Russians and so continue to visit Thailand actively. Almost all local businessmen let out now advertising production by all means and in Russian. And on the most popular local resort Pattaya on - russki manual parrots on beaches have started to speak even.