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Fresh newspaper investors

the Russian billionaires continue to invest in the western media actives: the owner of National reserve corporation Alexander Lebedev tries to buy 76 % of unprofitable London newspaper Evening Standard, and the fund of owner Mezhprombanka Sergey Pugacheva intends to increase the share in also unprofitable French tabloid France Soir to 85 %.
British The Guardian asserts that Evening Standard in the near future declares sale of 76 % to mister Lebedev. The transaction was preceded by year of confidential negotiations of the businessman with the basic shareholder and the chairman of board of directors of media group Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT; owner Evening Standard) viscount Rotermerom, specifies The Guardian. Son of the Russian businessman constantly living in London Evgenie should close the transaction.

representative DMGT Lizi Morgan has refused to comment sale Evening Standard to Alexander Lebedev. The businessman also has refused yesterday comments, and its representative Artem Artem has not confirmed the transaction fact, recognising only that really there is an interest to British editions experiencing now financial difficulty, including to Evening Standard . In conversation with correspondent The Guardian mister Lebedev on Wednesday has declared that purchase Evening Standard has not something in common with attempt to earn on the newspaper money: It is good occasion to spend the means .

Evening Standard - the edition focused on mass audience, as a matter of fact, evening analogue also belonging DMGT of daily log Daily Mail, the vice-president of Guild of publishers of periodicals Evgenie Abov explains. As he said, partly analogue Evening Standard was the Capital evening newspaper which in 2003 - 2004 published Xenia Ponomareva, Leonid Miloslavsky and Yury Katsman.

to Estimate current cost Evening Standard anybody from interrogated experts did not undertake. The gain of company Associated Newspapers Ltd publishing it (enters in DMGT) for last fiscal year which has ended on September, 28th, 2008, has made £ 988 million, remained at previous year level, and the operational profit has decreased on 13 %, to £ 73 million Indicators Evening Standard do not reveal. In annual report DMGT only notices that after several years of falling of circulation in 2007 - 2008 financial year he has grown on 6 %, to 290 thousand copies, but thus incomes of advertising have decreased on 17 %. According to The Times, Evening Standard it is unprofitable: inhabitants of London now prefer free evening editions London Lite (publisher DMGT) and thelondonpaper (News International to Ruperta Merdoka).

Alexander Lebedev together with Michael Gorbachev owns 49 % of Joint-Stock Company the Publishing house the New Newspaper . From September, 2007 till April 2008 - go also published the newspaper the Moscow correspondent . It posesses two capital radio frequencies (94 and 94,4 FM), one of which now is rented by radio station UFM (VGTRK). The son of mister Lebedev Evgenie in 2008 has got 5 % British ID Wadell Ltd and the licence for release in Russia of magazine Dazed and Confused.

Mister Lebedev - not the unique Russian businessman investing in the western press. Fund Sablon Investissement of the senator from Republic Tuva and owner Mezhprombanka Sergey Pugacheva (the co-owner of TV channel Moskovia and satellite TV channel Luxe TV) tries to increase the share in tablode France Soir from 19,9 % to 85 %, has written Le Monde. Yesterday possibility of this transaction was considered at session of trading court of a city of Lille (the French legislation forbids the companies from the countries which are not entering into the European Union to own more than 20 % of local mass-media). In France Soir have specified that its present co-owner Jean - Pierre Brjunua will make an official statement right after judgements. In court have promised to announce the decision only on Friday. According to Le Figaro, France Soir till now remains unprofitable: for 2006 - 2007 losses have made 6 million

last five years incomes of newspapers as a whole worldwide decrease, and unprofitable editions only become cheaper every year the president of publishing group AFS - IMG Victor Shkulev marks. In the last report agency ZenithOptimedia has predicted falling of advertising gathering of newspapers in Great Britain and France on 2 % - to £ 3,7 mlrd and 1,5 mlrd accordingly.

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