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To builders have enclosed the plan

to the Power of Novosibirsk yesterday have presented the anti-recessionary plan of action on support of housing construction in the come year. The municipality is ready to give to developers of a privilege on payment of debts for earth rent, guarantees possibility of preferential connection of new buildings to water and heat, and also will redeem 211 ready apartments at the price of 34,6 thousand rbl. for square metre. However the plan published by the mayor of Novosibirsk by Vladimir Gorodetsky, to builders has not added optimism. They believe that the measures offered by officials, will not solve existing problems.
about anti-recessionary measures, which the mayoralty of Novosibirsk is going to undertake in 2009 to avoid a sharp collapse in economy, town governor Vladimir Gorodetsky yesterday has told. As he said, last day left 2008 the municipality has confirmed the plan of measures On maintenance steady socially - an economic development of the city in the conditions of negative influence of the crisis phenomena in which nine basic directions of work are defined. However mister Gorodetsky did not hide that the special alarm of the authorities is caused by a situation in housing construction sphere as infringes on interests not only workers of the building companies, but also thousand investors from among ordinary citizens, which should not appear deceived .

According to Vladimir Gorodetsky, now the department of building and architecture spends individual work with the building companies. Officials try to find out, how many private investors have put up money in building construction and how conditions of already concluded contracts will be carried out. From its part, goradministratsija intend to offer builders a number essential measures of support . So, the order of the mayor " on January, 14th has been signed; About creation of working group on consideration of the questions connected with re-structuring of debts under lease contracts of the ground areas as of 01. 01. 2009 . The document provides that in case of repayment by the building company during the current year debts on a rent for the earth the penalty under the contract, defined for January, 1st, 2009, will be written off. For today, according to the mayoralty, the cumulative debt of Novosibirsk builders to municipality for rent of the ground areas is estimated in 500 million rbl.

Also by municipality the arrangement with " is reached; Gorvodokanalom and novosibirskenergo about concessionary terms connections of under construction objects - with re-structuring of debts of builders available in 2008 for one year. Under the federal program on moving from shabby and emergency habitation in the come year the municipality plans to get at builders of 211 apartments from among already constructed. Cost of square metre in such habitation, according to requirements of the federal centre, should not exceed 34,6 thousand rbl. Finishing representation of the anti-recessionary plan, mister Gorodetsky recognised what to reach in 2009 of level of last year when in operation it was possible to hand over the planned 1,2 million in sq. m of habitation, any more it will not be possible. Under its forecasts, the volume of the constructed habitation during the current year will be not less 600 thousand in sq. m.

However at Novosibirsk builders plans of the mayoralty of special optimism do not cause. So, in conversation with the general director of Joint-Stock Company Northern group (starts building of two ten-storied apartment houses in Novosibirsk and in the city of Ob. - ) Vladimir Litvinov has frankly declared that does not trust in efficiency of intermediary of the power between builders and monopolists: novosibirskenergo - the private organisation. And at me the private organisation. We will admit, I want to be connected. And here the mayor?. I understand, so far as concerns MUPah and GUPah... Sounds, of course, beautifully, but the result will be the same... news about purchase of 211 apartments on 34,6 thousand rbl. for square metre of mister Litvinova also has not inspired. According to the businessman, 211 apartments, or about five entrances of the ten-storied house, are mizer in megacity scales . Moreover, as Vladimir Litvinov has told, among its colleagues practically is not present wishing to sell habitation at the price offered by the authorities as more or less adequate the price in 42 - 43 thousand rbl. for square metre is considered. And it is necessary to concern similar statements easy and with understanding: the Mayor speaks - so he is obliged to speak, at it election campaign goes... and the head of Novosibirsk Open Society Aton (Built some apartment houses, office buildings. - ) Alexander Krymko also has at all declared that has preferred to refuse housing construction.

do not expect special effect from realisation of plans of the Novosibirsk mayoralty and experts. So, operating partner DSO Consulting Sergey Djachkov believes that at the price of 34,6 thousand rbl. for square metre presume to sell to itself apartments only two developers building panel high-rise buildings - the companies Power installation and Diskus plus . And the cost price of brick building, the expert considers, cannot be below 45 thousand rbl. for square metre in any way. And 211 apartments, according to calculations of mister Djachkova, are less than 2 % from the apartments put in operation almost 11 thousand. measures, of course, good, but they are obviously insufficient. The best measure would be the repayment with small profit for developers of all habitation which is at least in 80 - 90 - a percentage stage of readiness, but on it at municipality of money is not present - Sergey Djachkov marks.