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Leonid Baklitsky remained in a pre-trial detention centre

to Lawyers of chief of department Rostehnadzora of Leonid Baklitsky`s Siberian federal district it was not possible to achieve cancellation of the decision of October regional court of Novosibirsk about arrest of their client. The Novosibirsk regional court has refused to them the petition after the message of the representative of Office of Public Prosecutor that in consequence plans to bring against the official new charges, besides already brought accusations in bribery.
as informed yesterday , the regional court has considered the petition of defenders of Leonid Baklitsky on Wednesday. By means of a space bridge from a pre-trial detention centre he observed of how under the petition of its three lawyers the court has attached the whole bale of positive characteristics to business materials. In support of the state official the whole labour collectives " have acted; novosibirskavtodora and factory the Electrosignal separate deputies of a Novosibirsk regional council and the Altay regional Legislative Assembly. One of the characteristics filed, has been signed by the victim in 2005 the governor of Altay territory Michael Evdokimovym (the mister Baklitsky worked it zamom). In the long list of awards accused there were medals of Armed forces, Russian Orthodox Church, various departments, and also Sacred Stanislav`s award to which the mister Baklitsky, according to documents, has been presented for knightly faultlessness and the purposefulness, the shown professionalism and merits before mankind . In turn, the representative of Office of Public Prosecutor asked to file documents that the person on remand owns several apartments outside of Novosibirsk and the international bank cards.

after consideration of petitions the judge - the lecturer has reminded participants of session the decision of October regional court. The decision about arrest of the head of district management of Rostehnadzora Leonid Baklitsky has been taken out on December, 11th last year. Two days before it it is detained by employees of FSB and inspectors on suspicion in bribery. The consequence has ostensibly established two episodes of reception by the high-ranking official of money (250 thousand and almost 500 thousand rbl.) From heads of persons under surveillance to department of the enterprises having dangerous industrial objects. Motivating necessity of the conclusion of the official under guards, the Office of Public Prosecutor has declared that it is accused of fulfilment of grave crime and, it having appeared on freedom, can continue to be engaged in criminal activity, to put pressure upon witnesses or to disappear.

at session in regional court Leonid Baklitsky Alexander Plevin`s lawyer named the regional court decision unreasonable. As the defender considers, the court has taken on trust opinion of inspectors that the accused can disappear. here if the consequence had objective data that Baklitsky visas are received, the real estate abroad is got, it sells property, transfers money in foreign banks, members of his family receive international passports and tickets then it was possible to accept these bases - the lawyer has declared.

the Representative of charge has asked court to leave the complaint of lawyers without satisfaction, and the decision of regional court without change. It was supported running Leonid Baklitsky`s business by inspector Yury Horoshavin. He has added that with its plans to bring to the state employee new accusations. The court has agreed with these arguments and has rejected the appeal of defenders.