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Krasnoyarsk citizens have responded to an appeal of the head of Khakassia

Yesterday the new chairman of the government of Khakassia Victor Zimin has entered a post. A first day of its work was marked by personnel shifts in a republic management. Political scientists are assured that they will proceed, as in the government of mister Zimin hardly there will be a place to people from a command of its predecessor Alexey Lebedja.
yesterday`s session of the Supreme body of Khakassia has begun with performance of the new chairman of the government Victor Zimin which has sworn truly to serve the people of Republic Khakassia, the Constitution of Russia and Khakassia, honesty to carry out of the high obligations of the chairman of the government of Republic Khakassia assigned to me . We will remind, the Supreme body has confirmed it in this post on December, 10th, 2008.

then deputies have started the statement offered by the head of region of nominees on key posts in the government. In spite of the fact that known people in republic have appeared candidates earlier almost, they have not met objections. On a post of the first vice-president of the government the first has unanimously been co-ordinated former vitse - the mayor of Krasnoyarsk (from November, 2005 till May, 2006) Alexander Golyshev. The head of governmental body appoints the plenipotentiary of the governor of Krasnoyarsk region in the Central territorial district Tatyana Gorjacheva. Is much more known in republic the new vice-president of the government supervising social policy, - Irina Smolina held earlier a post of the chairman of republican electoral committee. Besides, powers of the senator from Khakassia Valentines Petrenkos have been prolonged.

in a break of session Victor Zimin has held the first session of the government on which has designated the primary goals. As has informed a press - the secretary of the head of the government Olga Kolesnikov, it has charged to prepare the information about Salary payments in republic, about a condition of objects of life-support, and also about budget execution last year and the look-ahead plan for the first quarter of current year . These are the most important directions on which it is possible to understand an event. Assistants have started to work at once. After returning of the chairman of the government from Moscow where it has gone on meeting on socially - to an economic situation in the country, assistants will deliver reports - Kolesnikov`s madam has explained.

deputies in the government have concerned new shots optimistically. all these people - high professionals. As Victor Zimin has presented them, means, considers possible to work - the member of fraction " believes; an United Russia Sergey Komarov. Under its data, the basic ministers will be presented within two weeks . the Person trusts a beret of those whom knows also to whom - has agreed the deputy from Fair Russia Irina Jagodkina. She has noticed that the assistants appointed yesterday before session have bypassed all committees, therefore and questions to them at the moment of the introduction into a post were not . However, the deputy of the Supreme body from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Alexey Majnagashev has noticed that officials any promises to parliament did not give and they long should penetrate into work, especially that who from Krasnoyarsk .

Political scientists are assured that mister Zimin cannot simply leave a former command counting on that it will work well . It is professional mobility and objective requirement of the head of region it is not excluded that in the ministries of the Khakass government there will be interesting people and there hardly there will be a place to people from Alexey Lebedja`s command - Krasnoyarsk political scientist Andrey Kopytov is assured. The mister the Swan at yesterday`s session was not present. The day before in news agency interview Khakassia he has informed that expects occurrence of new structure of the government in the beginning of March. people who now with me work, are professionally enough prepared. If there will be a present structure of ministers ingenious it is not necessary to wait for something, but stability will be supported in all directions - the former head of the government of Khakassia has noticed.

inauguration of mister Zimin is appointed to January, 21st.