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“ Romanov`s Business “ have separated from the state

Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor (SKP) the Russian Federation has closed yesterday criminal case upon execution of emperor Nikolay II and members of his family. The expiry of the term of prescription of a crime and death of the persons involved in murder of an imperial family became the basis for the termination. Representatives of House of Romanovs have concerned results of investigation with watchfulness. They demand to explain, how the investigatory committee has come to a conclusion that “ the official decision on execution of members of an imperial family and servants was not accepted by authorities “.
the Main investigatory management SKP the Russian Federation has stopped investigation of criminal case upon execution in 1918 of an imperial family. As have informed in a press - service SKP, business is closed “ in connection with the expiration of limitation periods of bringing to criminal liability and death of the persons who have made a premeditated murder “. Besides, the consequence has come to a conclusion that the central authorities of the Soviet Russia did not publish the official decision or the order on execution of an imperial family. “ the decision concerning the former emperor Nikolay II was accepted presidium uralsoveta (the Ural council of working, country and soldier`s deputies headed by Bolsheviks. - “ “ ) on what local authorities have notified VTSIK and sovnarkom - the government supreme bodies “ - it is told in message SKP.

the Russian emperor Nikolay II, Alexander Fedorovna`s his wife, four great knjazhny, cesarevitch Alexey and the persons approached to an imperial family have been shot in Ekaterinburg on the night of July, 17th, 1918. In July, 1991 remains of nine shot have been found in the country, under an embankment of old Koptjakovsky road. To investigate circumstances of  destruction of an imperial family, the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation has filed criminal charges under item 102 “ The murder made by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement “ UK RSFSR. During the investigation remains have been identified and in 1998 are buried in Petropavlovsk a cathedral of St.-Petersburg. The imperial house these remains original did not recognise. Business has been stopped, however in August, 2007 after detection nearby from the first burial place of bone remains presumably cesarevitch Alexey and great knjazhny Marias Romanovoj SKP has renewed preliminary investigation. It was necessary to make official genetic examination of remains.

examinations have been spent by laboratories of Austria, Russia and the USA. They have confirmed that the remains found in 2007 also belong to members of a family of Romanovs. “ researches give the grounds for the categorical statement about an accessory of burial places 1991 both 2007 to an imperial family and servants “ - have underlined in SKP. According to the senior inspector investigating case on especially important issues SKP of Vladimir Soloveva, the decision on burial of remains will be accepted by the president of the Russian Federation and state commission.

participants of alternative investigation with conclusions SKP do not agree. “ to say that the found remains belonged to members of an imperial family, examinations should be investigated court, differently their results cannot be considered authentic “ - has declared “ “ the head of the Ekaterinburg centre of investigation of circumstances of  destruction of an imperial family Vadim Wiener. The expert has reminded that results of the examinations ordered within the limits of a legal investigation, do not correspond to the researches spent earlier. In particular, in 2001 in Japan examination has shown distinction of DNA of blood of Nikolay II taken from its handkerchief, from DNA of the remains buried in the Peter and Paul Fortress.

representatives of the imperial house have concerned statement SKP with watchfulness. “ We are revolted with that this political crime was investigated as usual murder. But we will not do official statements, yet we will not receive documents and while the Russian Orthodox Church will not express authenticity of remains “ - has declared “ “ the director of office of head of the imperial house Alexander Zakatov. In Russian Orthodox Church have let know that the question on the relation to remains will define church already after elections of the new patriarch. The lawyer of the imperial house Herman Lukyanenko has declared that in October, 2008 the presidium of the Supreme court (VS) the Russian Federation has made the decision on necessity of political rehabilitation of Nikolay Romanov and members of his family. Thus it has cancelled the board decision on criminal cases VS on which the imperial family will not lie down rehabilitations as their murder is criminal, instead of a political crime. “ statement SKP is made so that contradicts decision VS, and it should not be. The death of members of an imperial family has come out state actions, instead of private persons, - has declared “ “ mister Lukyanenko. - therefore grand duchess Maria Vladimirovna insists on personally to familiarise with the data of genetic examinations and an evidence “.