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Ready to work the Prime minister will involve in defence

- minister Vladimir Putin recognised yesterday possibility of re-structuring of expenses of the budget in the defensive industry. The sum gosoboronzakaza for 2009 in 1 trln rbl. is confirmed, however and the prime minister, and vitse - prime minister Alexey Kudrin has declared that is possible a transfer means for crucial workings out oboronno - an industrial complex (OPK) from less priority articles of defensive expenses. Besides, the White house, not managed to achieve growth of crediting of branch by banks, already supposes extrabank crediting by budget OPK and the selective rate of refinancing the Central Bank for friendly oboronke banks.
yesterday prime minister Vladimir Putin has held meeting About measures of state support of the enterprises oboronno - an industrial complex . From the government at meeting were present vitse - prime ministers Sergey Ivanov, Igor Sechin, Alexey Kudrin, the Minister of Economics Elvira Nabiullina, the chairman of the Central Bank Sergey Ignatyev. For descriptive reasons the meeting has passed at factory of corporation situated near Moscow Tactical rocket arms (TRV) in the Queen. The general director of corporation Boris Obnosov has addressed present with the message that in 2008 80 % of a turn of its structure it was necessary for export, to 2009 80 % will have on gosoboronzakaz.

Mister Obnosov has suggested the government to support the offer of the colleague present vitse - prime minister Sergey Ivanov who at similar meeting with participation of president Dmitry Medvedev has suggested to pay on January, 11th from the federal budget a share of enterprises OPK in expenses of federal target programs (FTSP). As well as followed the branch lobbyist, Boris Obnosov has expanded the offer: The list of the requested measures on support OPK from TRV contained also return of an investment privilege under the profit tax for branch, and tax vacation under taxes to property and the earth, and decrease in interest rates under credits to the western level .

the Part of offers TRV are in practice already accepted (so, at meeting in the Queen subsidising of interest rates in OPK was discussed - it will make in some cases 100 %, and also state guarantees under credits and the accelerated return of the export VAT). But participants of meeting did not hide: considerably a situation in processing and the mechanical engineering which part is OPK Russia, can correct either a miracle, or sharp growth of state expenses on oboronzakazu. Though vitse - prime minister Alexey Kudrin has confirmed that in February, 2009 revision of the budget of the Russian Federation will take place (it at all has not excluded possibility to pay from the federal budget sofinansirovanie defensive FTSP), but growth of state expenses will not be. Expenses in a concrete direction can be increased only at the expense of redistribution of means between operating programs . Same Vladimir Putin has confirmed also. it is necessary to spend optimisation of actions FTSP. And the saved means to direct on end of realisation of the projects crucial for improvement of technological level OPK - the prime minister has explained.

as a whole Vladimir Putin has distinctly enough let know that redistribution of means from the weak defensive enterprises to strong becomes one of the main measures of support of branch. It has explained that inefficient managers in branch need to be dismissed, and has indirectly let know that it not too likes to compensate the offer of Minpromtorga oboronke a part of losses on performance gosoboronzakaza. The prime minister recommended to speed up work on increase efficiency created in OPK large holdings. It is necessary to make them on - to the present competitive structures - the prime minister has advised. For this purpose the prime minister has suggested the enterprises to direct dividends for 2008 on investment development. As to the additional budgetary help Vladimir Putin has suggested while to be guided by sums already approved by the government. First of all - on gosoboronzakaz which, as he said, in 2009 will make nearby 1 trln rbl., on a state guarantee under credits (100 mlrd rbl.) and on a grant under interest rates (50 mlrd rbl.) .

we Will remind, unlike the list from 294 backbone enterprises situation monitoring in which carries out the commission of the first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov, the similar list of enterprises OPK supported by the White house is not ready yet. Possibly, already at this level goes selection the defensive enterprises, and not got to the list can become a victim of redistribution budgetary defensive FTSP in advantage crucial programs in branch.

however, from the point of view of availability of credits all enterprises OPK now more or are less equal: rates under credits for branch are extremely high. Vladimir Putin has informed yesterday that for defensive branch the White house can go on direct crediting by the budget oboronki, passing bank sector. The Central Bank the proposal has been made to estimate possibility of use of export contracts in branch as pledge under credits. However while the White house puts nevertheless on subsidising of credits through banks.

direct crediting would create dangerous precedent (we will note, however, that faithful initiatives, by data Minpromtorg prepares and for priority investment projects in 14 branches, including on VSTO), and now the government is ready to go on creation of other precedent - already in bank sphere. According to Vladimir Putin, the banks financing OPK, can receive refinancing and credits at Central Bank auctions under lower rates, rather than competitors. yes, it not quite corresponds to competition requirements - the prime minister - the minister recognised. but it in normal conditions, and in the conditions of crisis... We are obliged to provide priority lines of activity of industries - he has told. There are no doubts that the selective rate of refinancing Will have popularity as idea far outside of OPK.