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Airlines have finished year with growth

Following the results of 2008 which were brought yesterday by Rosaviation, the Russian airlines from Soviet period have transported for the first time more 50 million passengers. Growth of aviatransportations for a year has made 11 %. This year essential growth any more will not be, but at the expense of the fallen in price aviakerosene the largest airlines hope at least to keep volumes.
the Rosaviation has published yesterday preliminary results of work of civil aircraft in Russia in 2009. According to department, in 2008 of airline of the Russian Federation have transported 50,1 million passengers - on 11 % more than in 2007 (45,11 million). The international aviatransportations have grown on 13,6 %, to 23,7 million persons, internal - on 8,9 %, to 26,4 million Passenger turnover of the Russian airlines has grown on 11,3 %, to 123,5 mlrd passazhirokilometrov. Volumes of transportations of cargoes and mail have grown on 5,8 %, to 775 thousand tons.

If not an economic crisis and a rise in prices for the fuel, caused from the third quarter 2008 recession of demand for aviatransportations, these figures would be even more. In the first half of the year the Russian market of aviatransportations showed record rates of increase in 20 - 25 % by last year, but in a heat high a summer season growth has started to be slowed down promptly. So, it agree to the data of Transport clearing chamber (TKP), in July growth made already 9,5 %, in August - 8,3 %, in September - 3,8 %, in October - 0,8 %, and in November the volume of transportations has decreased for the first time on 6,5 %. The official data following the results of December TKP yet did not publish, but experts believe that last month the left year of transportation should decrease approximately on 3 %.

the Largest airlines are going to publish officially the results of year within the next few days. In Aeroflot results of 2008 did not begin to make comments yesterday, with representatives Siberia It was not possible to communicate. In transaero preliminary inform that the volume of transportations in 2008 has grown in one and a half time. According to the general director JUtejra Andrey Martirosova, its company has felt recession of demand for aviatransportations since August. before we went with planned growth approximately to 27 %, and year as a result have finished all from 10,5 % - mister Martirosov speaks. In the State Customs Committee Russia declare growth of a volume of passenger traffic following the results of a year on 7,4 %, to 3,5 million passengers.

current year will be much less successful, pilots converge. Under forecasts of the general director transaero Olga Pleshakovoj, growth of a passenger turnover of the company in 2009 should make 5 - 7 %, and growth of a rouble gain - above on 25 %. next year we will give Special attention to development of flights in Russia, first of all in areas of the Far East - she speaks. JUtejr Hopes to finish 2009 about a year growth at the expense of optimisation of park and a routeing network while all market, according to mister Martirosova, will lose to 30 % of passengers. The general director of the State Customs Committee Russia Sergey Mihalchenko (interview to it see p. 14) says that sales of its airline show demand growth even on 2009 on 10 - 15 % - as in physical, and in money terms. He explains it reduction of prices on kerosene and, as consequence, the prices for air tickets.

experts confirm that, despite crisis about which negative consequences it will be possible to speak objectively only by the end of the winter schedule, in the market there are also positive tendencies. the volume of transportations follows the prices for kerosene, but with backlog about half a year. Falling of the prices for the fuel which has begun in the third quarter 2008, should give a positive effect by the first quarter 2009 end - the head of analytical service of agency " considers; Aviaport Oleg Panteleev.