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“ Comstar “ it was limited in the traffic

Unlike the operator “ Skartel “ constructed the first in Russia a network mobile WiMax, “ Comstar - OTS “ has refused introduction of the limitless tariff for the subscribers. The operator will offer the tariff with a monthly fee 500 rbl. a month for 2Γα the included traffic plus 1 rbl. for 1 Mb over this volume.
yesterday “ Comstar - OTS “ declared start in test operation of a network mobile WiMax in which building promised to invest $20 million In commercial operation a network it is planned to start in the second quarter of this year. The operator plans to construct about 160 base stations WiMax which should provide 80 - 90 - a percentage covering of territory of Moscow out of buildings. Speed limit WiMax - connections in a network “ Comstar “ will make to 8 Mbit/ with.

WiMax - the report of the wireless broadband radio communication, allowing to render services of a telephony, broadband access to the Internet and data transmission without use of cable lines. Mobile standard WiMax allows subscribers to move between operative ranges of base stations without connection rupture. Under forecasts of expert IK “ finama “ Alexey Kurasova, the quantity of subscribers fixed WiMax in Moscow next year can reach 80 - 90 thousand persons, and mobile - nearby 8 - 10 thousand persons.

for connection to a new network the user will need to pay cost WiMax - the adapter (with USB - a socket) at a rate of 4600 rbl. and to be connected to one of tariff plans. As have told “ “ in “ Comstar “ they intend to offer users a ruler from four - five tariffs. The tariff with a monthly fee 500 rbl. will be the standard rate by which the operator will be guided, In a month for which the user will receive 2Γα the included traffic (a payment for 1 Mb of the traffic over this volume - 1 rbl.) . According to the vice-president on strategy and development “ Comstar “ Alexander Gorbunova, the operator will not offer limitless tariffs as it can worsen quality of a network. On the average for one hour on the Internet, by an estimation “ Comstar “ the user downloads 20 - 30 Mb of the traffic, that is 2Γα will suffice on using a network mobile WiMax approximately for two hours per day.

that in similar networks it is necessary to limit the traffic, analyst MForum Analytics Dmitry Days agrees. “ the active user downloads 50 - 70 Gb the Internet - the traffic in a month (it is equivalent about 30 films on the average quality). If such subscribers start to use in large quantities a network mobile WiMax, speed the Internet - connections for all its users will sharply decrease “ - the expert specifies.

the first company which has constructed a network mobile WiMax in Russia, was “ Skartel “ (Works under brand Yota, 100 % belong to management company WiMax Holding Ltd, 25,1 which % belong, in turn, “ Rostehnologijam “ and the rest - to fund Telconet Capital Limited Partnership). The operator is going to start the network in commercial operation by spring of this year. The company also intends to offer some tariff plans, however all of them will be without restrictions on the traffic. As earlier told in “ Skartele “ cost of monthly service will make about 900 rbl. “ Besides access to the Internet, to these tariffs services Yota, such as " will be included; Music “ “ Video “ “ TV “ service fotoblogginga and others “ - the general director " speaks; Skartela “ Denis Sverdlov.

According to the operating partner iKS - Consulting Tatyanas Tolmachevoj, 2Γα in a month it is quite enough traffic for daily web - surfing, check of mail, search on the Internet and dialogue on instant - to a messenger. However, she specifies, a monthly fee on the majority of tariffs for the wire Internet in Moscow more low, than that which intend to establish “ Comstar “ for subscribers of a network mobile WiMax. For example, at “ Korbiny a Telecom “ the same volume of the traffic can be received for 400 rbl. a month, and at most “ Comstar “ - for 350 rbl. a month for using wire broadband access to the Internet without restrictions on the traffic. “ by means of similar service “ Comstar “ hardly will involve new subscribers, it can interest a part of existing clients for which access to the Internet out of door or works " is necessary; - Tolmachyov`s madam considers.