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To the unemployed will help the program

Today the government of Russia the decision on subsidising of the Nizhniy Novgorod target program directed on decrease of intensity on a regional labour market should make. In case of the project statement for these purposes from the federal budget for the Nizhniy Novgorod region will allocate 165 million rbl. Reminding of increase in number of the unemployed and constant decrease in quantity of vacancies, experts consider measures timely, but underline that they will be effective only at target use of means.
that today the federal government will make the decision on allocation of 165 million rbl. on subsidising of the regional target program “ About the additional measures directed on decrease of intensity on a labour market of the Nizhniy Novgorod region in 2009 “ the assistant to the governor on social policy Gennady Suvorov yesterday has informed. The basis for working out of the regional target program was the decision of the Russian government from December, 31st, 2008 according to which in 2009 from the federal budget for labour market maintenance it will be allocated an order 43,7 mlrd rbl. the volume of financing of the project Provided in the regional budget yesterday in the regional government and a placement service have refused to name, having noticed that the put sum “ in times less than a federal grant “.

the Program, in particular, urged to promote in employment to employees of the enterprises which are under risk of dismissal or occupied incomplete working day. For example, the document provides advancing professional retraining of workers, the organisation of public works, training, time employment, address support. Among measures of state support of the unemployed who were engaged in small-scale business, - interest rate indemnification under credits for small-scale business development.

According to all available data from the Nizhniy Novgorod country council of trade unions, notices on forthcoming reduction have received an order of 11 thousand employees of the enterprises of region - the rate of unemployment exceeds 0,6 %. As a whole on area from - for idle time of some the enterprises do not work about 56 thousand persons. The majority of the enterprises has suspended a set of the new personnel. The regional bank of vacancies includes an order of 19,6 thousand offers on employment, and their number is constantly reduced.

Experts notice that the number of the unemployed grows on all country. “ if earlier experts predicted that by September - to October, 2009 without work remain 15 million citizens it is now obvious that this indicator will be exceeded and will reach 20 million “ - Ekaterina Samrailova predicts managing chair of economy of work and human resource management of Academy of work and social relations. The director of Nizhniy Novgorod branch Headhunter Vladimir Bor adds that on the Nizhniy Novgorod labour market stable decrease in quantity of placed vacancies in all branches proceeds: “ the Quantity of placed vacancies in first half of January, 2009 in comparison with the similar period of last year has decreased twice. This tendency will remain at least till March, 2009 “.

According to analysts, the Nizhniy Novgorod region has chances to receive federal financing and now to the regional authorities important accurately to estimate perspectivity of investments in each unemployed. “ it is necessary to place competently accents and to pay attention to youth now it is especially difficult to them to find work “ - madam Samrailova considers. “ Now in the program measures on support of highly skilled experts, so-called „white collars“ are not presented almost, therefore the authorities should pay attention and to them “ - Vladimir Bor adds.