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an United Russia will incur stability on streets

an United Russia in the conditions of crisis should change sharply tactics, up to regular exits to streets with actions, but not the protest, and support of anti-recessionary measures of the president and the prime minister. The Duma United Russia party members should act with own package of anti-recessionary initiatives. So have solved yesterday at joint session three party clubs - socially - conservative, liberal on November, 4th also it is state - patriotic.
on the first anti-recessionary action an United Russia the people on streets will move on January, 21st, anticipating thereby next the March not consent which is promised by leaders of Obshchegrazhdansky front for January, 29th, and the All-Russia protest action of communists planned for January, 31st. The package of legislative initiatives on behalf of all three clubs will appear in the State Duma on January, 29th - a day before plenary session on which representatives financially - the economic block of the government should tell about struggle against crisis.

as the assistant to the secretary of presidium gensoveta " has informed; an United Russia the head of the Center socially - the conservative policy Yury Shuvalov, there is an understanding that we should not admit in no event failure of a political situation in the country, keep public stability, but do it not by those methods by which did before . And for this purpose, as he said, it is necessary to simulate not so much discussion, how many a message explanatory work that does the power to minimise those pressure which come out change socially - an economic situation . In particular, mister Shuvalov, " believes; It is very important to tell to people truth, not to be afraid to recognise openly erroneous decisions .

one is Meanwhile found truth judging by that many members of clubs also could express it only particularly. it not an economic crisis, and global political crisis: it is crash of model of the unipolar world - the head of the Duma committee of economic policy Evgenie Fedorov proved. we are not guilty in this crisis - developed the thesis about the unipolar world vitse - the speaker of the State Duma Valery Rjazansky.

on a question, where exactly to tell truth to the people, the partial decision is found. So, according to mister Shuvalov, on January, 21st the party will carry out the All-Russia action. But for support of the president and the prime minister instead of for this purpose, to beat on tails, as our political opponents Mister Shuvalov has specified, meaning the Communist Party of the Russian Federation connected to protest actions of the Vladivostok motorists. And further, United Russia party members, according to mister Shuvalov, do not intend to counteract public statements of citizens and, on the contrary, plan to participate in process and intellectually to accompany it .

By a part of anti-recessionary legislative initiatives United Russia party members risk not to agree. On the one hand, all three clubs still have in the end of the last year developed own anti-recessionary measures (employment support, restraint of growth of tariffs of housing and communal services, tax amnesty, clearing of all taxes of small-scale business). But, on the other hand, at three clubs ideologically opposite views on an overcoming the crisis way. So, the representative of campaign Transneft Igor Dyomin (socially - conservative club) does not see possibility to overcome crisis, except Restorations it is administrative - command system . And the head of the Duma committee of the constitutional legislation Vladimir Pligin (liberal club on November, 4th ) Sees such possibility only through liberalisation of the housekeeper which and now tests surplus of regulation .

Nevertheless Yury Shuvalov has promised to prepare the uniform list of initiatives from anti-recessionary offers of clubs till January, 29th. But, apparently, inner-party legislative process in an United Russia will be and to develop in the conditions of crisis the same as at the time of stability: deputies - United Russia party members ruthlessly criticise the governmental bills at sessions of clubs, but unconditionally vote for them in the State Duma. Yesterday the Duma United Russia party members have decided to refuse in favour of the government some of the powers and have introduced the bill which will allow the cabinet to give independently to regions of a grant from the federal budget in the State Duma. On effective standards of the Budgetary code to do such it is possible only on the basis of the separate law. That is in coordination with the State Duma.