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eks - mayor Kstova Vladimir of Sirs wants to become the deputy

Yesterday in election committee of the Nizhniy Novgorod region have informed that eks - mayor Kstova of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Vladimir Panov intends to stand in the third time for a municipal duma which deputy was in last convocation, combining posts of the mayor and the speaker. In December, 2006 there was a question on capacity kstovskoj gordumy, selected in October, 2005: then the city parliament consistently left half of structure, having shown the disagreement with a policy of the mayor. Powers of mayor Vladimir Panova have expired together with powers gordumy. He suggested to declare by-election whereas its political opponents from among supporters of the head of Kstovsky area of Oleg Molkova insisted on a regeneration of structure of a thought, as has occurred in December, 2007. eks - mayor Vladimir Panov stood on multimandatory district 1 and has won, but was late with giving of documents in electoral committee and has lost possibility to receive the mandate, and attempts to challenge an event in court were unsuccessful. Thus, eks - the mayor and could not take part in elections of the mayor from among deputies. Now he intends to stand in kstovskuju gordumu on the same district. By-election will pass also on the three-mandatory district 2, one of which representatives became municipal employees. Deputies of operating convocation in which two parties - " are presented only; an United Russia and Fair Russia notice that occurrence as a result of by-election of two new members of parliament will not change a deal in gordume, and all elective offices are already occupied.