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Sanatoram not pozdorovilos

Banks and the companies participating in improvement of problem banks before adoption of law about sanitation, have appeared in a difficult situation. The detailed analysis of a financial condition of six banks sanified first, has shown that very low and count real quality of their actives on the help of Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) in sanitation they cannot. The bank of Russia will prepare amendments to the law on sanitation, after which acceptance actives of such banks, as the WHALE of Finans Communication - bank or Globeks can be partially redeemed on balance ASV.
Some months of improvement of bank the Russian capital National reserve bank (NRB) (about the transaction wrote on October, 23rd, 2008) have brought to new proprietors many unpleasant surprises, has told the chairman of board of directors of National reserve corporation (where enters NRB) Alexander Lebedev. As the situation was critical, the decision on bank acquisition was accepted in extremely deadlines, - mister Lebedev speaks. - the subsequent analysis of a condition the Russian capital has revealed in bank a considerable quantity of the bad credits formed as a result of a conclusion of actives long before sanitation . In NRB consider that they should solve this problem together with the Central Bank.

however now to count on additional support of the state on disposal of problem actives, for example, through their payoff ASV on the balance, NRB cannot. The matter is that NRB has agreed to participate in improvement the Russian capital before adoption of law about sanitation. And, as the director of department of licensing of activity and financial improvement of the credit organisations of Bank of Russia Michael Suhov has explained, the law About additional measures for strengthening of stability of bank system during the period till December, 31st, 2011 Providing among other mechanisms of sanitation and payoff ASV on itself of problem actives of sanified banks, does not extend on the banks sanified before its acceptance.

in a situation similar to that in which it has appeared NRB, now are veb, sanifying Communication - bank and Globeks the Russian Railway, ALROSA and NPF Well-being engaged in improvement the WHALE of Finansa Gazenergoprombank which have inherited problems of Sobinbank, and Promsvjazkapital which have bought Jarsotsbank.

After arrival sanatorov the reporting of the sanified banks of the beginning authentically to display quality of actives of problem banks. So, at the Russian capital following the results of October delay under credits to legal persons has grown on 36 %, November - on 50 %. At bank Globeks in for October delay under corporate credits has grown almost on 30 000 %, for November - on additional 33 %. At WHALE of Finansa which till October showed zero delay by this kind of actives, for November it has increased more than by 8000 %. Delay growth under corporate credits of Sobinbank has made in October of 136 %, December - 14,2 %. Even Jarsotsbank which do not have the big portfolio of corporate credits and till November showing monthly rates of increase of delay no more 2 %, following the results of November has shown a gain of the delayed debts of the companies in 26,1 %. The official reporting Communication - bank is inaccessible, however about disaster scales official statements of representatives veba testify to intention to increase the bank capital on 70 mlrd rbl.

Under the information from the sources familiar with a course of events, problems of the banks sanified before adoption of law already have compelled proprietors of a number to give from them to the authorities idea to transfer problem banks under control ASV. According to one of interlocutors On one of December sessions in the government thus suggested to solve problem veb. One more interlocutor among sanatorov has told that conversations on attraction ASV went . The management of the Russian Railway and ALROSA within last several days was inaccessible to comments. In Gazenergoprombanke on a question have not answered. In Promsvjazbanke have carefully declared that at the given stage the support rendered by the state at purchase of Jarsotsbanka, is sufficient for stabilisation of its financial position . Head veba Vladimir Dmitrys has officially informed yesterday news agencies that yet does not plan to transfer Communication - bank and Globeks on sanitation in ASV.

the Bank of Russia intends to study a question of necessity of attraction ASV for partial resolution of problems of the banks sanified before adoption of law 175 - FZ, Michael Suhov has informed. If it will be found out that the scale of problems demands intervention ASV, it will be expedient to make changes to the law which will allow agency to carry out separate operations with such banks, in particular, to redeem at them actives on balance ASV, - he has declared . - Can be and other ways of the decision .

In ASV have declared that in case of decision-making on expediency of the repayment of actives of problem banks of probably some variants. we can redeem credits not served now and to work over improvement of their quality, to redeem credits with insufficient legal registration and to work over their collecting, to redeem objects of not complete building, to complete, lease or realise, as it has been made in 2000 with such actives of Dalrybbanka - has informed the assistant to general director ASV Andrey Melnikov. Thus, as he said, to redeem the actives which are not subject to improvement, ASV will not be.