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Square fall

the competition Planned for January, 30th on purchase by a city of habitation for sotsnuzhd at builders can become the last. Minregionrazvitija has reduced the price on which the government of Petersburg will redeem apartments: from 47,3 thousand roubles to 44,3 thousand roubles for square metre that threatens failure the further competitions. Last day January competition will pass at the former prices. However participants of the building market on - former declare unwillingness to participate in auction.
the second competition on purchase by a city of habitation for sotsnuzhd at builders will take place on January, 30th, have informed in Open Society Fund of property of St.-Petersburg . Conditions of its carrying out remain invariable: the city on - former intends to get habitation at the price of 47,3 thousand roubles for square metre in houses with readiness not less than 70 % on the scheme 30 % + 70 % (30 % of cost are paid to winners of competition at the moment of the contract conclusion, and 70 % - after house delivery in operation). For these purposes, after correction of city and federal budgets in the end of the last year, for 2009 it is allocated only 5,7 mlrd roubles (5 mlrd roubles - for purchase of apartments to veterans of the Second World War and 700 million roubles - on moving of emergency fund) instead of initially declared 12,6 mlrd roubles (wrote about it in N 236 from December, 25th, 2008). Thus, according to property Fund, at forthcoming competition the city plans to redeem at builders of 2,6 thousand apartments (one - two - and three-room).

the First competition has passed in December of last year, the unique participant - the building company " became the winner in it; Dalpiterstroj 438 apartments which have offered to a city in Shusharah. On the eve of auction vitse - the governor of Petersburg supervising the building block, Alexander Vahmistrov has declared possible increase of the price (to 55 - 56 thousand Roubles for square metre), and builders have ignored competition, referring to the low price of purchase - 47,3 thousand roubles. However later, on December, 24th, vitse - the governor of Petersburg supervising financially - the economic block, Michael Oseevsky has declared that procurement price not only will not change, but also can decrease to 42 thousand roubles for square metre. As a result, on December, 26th head Minregionrazvitija Victor Basargin has signed the order on average market cost of square metre on the first quarter 2009 on which subjects of the Russian Federation should get habitation. From it follows that at the further competitions of Smolnomu it is necessary to buy at the price for square metre not 47,3 thousand roubles, and 44,3 thousand roubles. Thus, forthcoming auction can become last possibility for builders to realise to a city the apartments.

however, the agiotage among interested persons hardly will take part in auction to be observed and this time: Builders hold former opinion concerning cost of square metre of got habitation. The councillor of directors of holding Setl Group Vyacheslav Semenenko considers that prospects at the auctions very illusive and go on them the companies which are in very bad condition can only. that sum, on which power were ready to redeem apartments earlier, was up to standard of the building cost price. All that more low - will be unprofitable for developers - Alexey Begunov, ARINA`S general director speaks.

for a month of anything such that would allow us to change the opinion on participation in competition, has not occurred: the cost price of building of the houses which are in a stage necessary for a city of readiness, has not decreased, the general situation in the market has not changed - Alexander Lelin, the general director of the company " adds; Lenstrojtrest . According to ARINAS, in December of the price in the primary market have decreased approximately on 5 %. However the majority of builders was carried out by Prenew Year`s actions and were ready to give on a place a discount to 15 % under condition of 100 % of payment. at the moment average cost a square in the primary market makes about 80 thousand roubles. The cheapest offer - on city suburbs (the Neva, Frunze areas). The most expensive - the central disctricts of the city. I think that to the middle - the end of spring of the price in the primary market will fall to 10 %, and then falling will stop - mister Begunov predicts.