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Anna Netrebko has given tongue for Donizetti

At the Maryinsky Theater has passed the prime minister of an opera Gaetano Donizetti Ljuchija di Lammermur . Year prescription John Doyle`s got at the Scottish national opera performance, according to VLADIMIR RANNEVA, became director`s disappointment. However, the disappointment was smoothed by Anna Netrebko who has acted in a leading role.
what for go on Ljuchiju ? For marvellous beauty music and behind the same theatre. Silly to philosophise in this unpretentious history, in which banal rhyme love - blood swells at three o`clock action. After a premiere of 1835 this work of Donizetti full melodic delights became at once a running opera opus, and now any dear theatre aspires to get the Ljuchiej as musical haute couture current repertoire. There is that and at Mariinsky theatre, statement of 2000, however, in time for eight years to become outdated to such degree that Valery Gergiev had to address for it on the party. And it was necessary to address, after all with party Ljuchii the main star of Mariinsky theatre comes back to an opera scene (and not only) Anna Netrebko after a birth of the son.

the Scottish criticism unanimously named John Doyle`s performance musical . But after its viewing the impression is made that the logic of this estimation is that: less theatre - there is more than music. If to follow this logic further for bolshej musicalities it would be possible to manage concert execution. And, to tell on truth, it would be much more live show, than work of mister Doyle. Has put at all in scarcity of scenography of Liz Eshkroft, and in absence at the director of any ideas. Minimalism, static character and other solutions advanced scarcity here at anything. It is a question of that quality of statement which not to justify any it musicality - deadly boredom.

on a scene all time the same sad picture - some steps, apertures in a wall. Any hint on style and function of this interior. All grey. Chorus and soloists leave, take the places, sing, leave. Sometimes unwillingly join hands, turn to each other heads, are interchanged the position - someone from the left corner passes in right, someone is dragged back. And again stand, as before the commission at examination in a vocal.

the skilled composer has providently invented everyones otbivok to arias and ensembles - orchestral introductions and the conclusions. Caring of the director, it has left to it of air for action. But Gaetano Donizetti could not assume that for John Doyle such service becomes bear. After all the director cannot think up in any way, than its heroes when they do not sing could be engaged on a scene. Only in a duet of Ljuchii with brother Henry (Alexey Markov) and in a madness scene in the ending mister Doyle has laid up a naphthalenic gymnastic etude for Anna Netrebko: it suddenly lays down on a floor and sings in a ceiling, watching a conductor`s baton on the monitor suspended under a roof. And Henry`s not taken place fight and Edgara (Sergey Skorohodov), stiffened with the crossed sabres against each other, as in game " became absolutely improbable episode; a sea figure on a place stand and expecting while Saint Rajmond (Ilya Bannik) will not finish with the recitative.

despite very stirred up orchestral game under the direction of conductor Keri - Lynn Wilson, the musical part nevertheless has quite justified the evening spent at theatre. All soloists have worked convincingly, and Sergey Skorohodova`s brilliant, easy and expressive vocal became unexpectedness. Ljuchija of madam Netrebko became the main surprise. It is unimportant, whether changes in its vocal are connected with organism restoration, or she has this time solved to sing on - to another but these changes were obvious to all in a hall. Anna Netrebko has withdrawn shine from the top register, has weakened speeding up of a voice and has given it the big warmth, it is possible even to tell, any South Russian, with barhatinkoj. Perhaps, she has thought up such vocal for party of unfortunate Ljuchii di Lammermur, and can, now all will sing in the same way. But, anyway, the warm timbre in a combination to faultless mobile technics costs more expensively any shine.