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Diku the Lawyer will manage an old command

Today football players Zenith leave holiday. After physical examination, on January, 19th, the command will take off for the United Arab Emirates where will begin preparation for a season. It seems that global changes in structure for which prepared fans, does not happen.
Information on the future of this or that player Zenith while those were in holidays, was a little. Even the Lawyer did not know Dik (or pretended that did not know) on whom it to count in a new season. When journalists dialled to the instructor Zenith which had a rest in the native Hague, that spoke: I can not tell, whom we will buy, because the club management yet has not solved, whom we will sell .

Only Alexander Gorshkov one of these days declared the further destiny. Contract 38 - the summer football player with Zenith has expired in the end of the last year, and now Alexander has decided to finish career of the player. Pots has spent for the Petersburg club without small ten seasons, short of absence in ramensky Saturn but now has decided to begin training at the Higher school of trainers for what it was necessary to finish career of the football player. Because has gone to English Bolton Sebastjan Pjuigrene, and other defender, Nicolas Lomberts, has received the next trauma, the destiny of Ivitsy Krizhanatsa has cleared up. To sell the Croatian defender in such situation - and Krizhanats expressed desire to replace club if the suitable offer arrives - would be death similarly. Ivitsa will finish the contract with Zenith to the end (expires in the end of 2009 - go). As, it appears, and goalkeeper Kamil Chontofalski. At one time in Zenith married off Dmitry Borodina, the pupil of the Petersburg football involved in Russian national team, but this week a press - the service of the Petersburg club has declared that vratarskaja a line in Zenith It is completed. Another matter that Vyacheslav Malafeev, the basic goalkeeper Zenith till now has not agreed with a club management under the new contract.

also it was not possible to sell Pavel Pogrebnjaka. More truly to find club abroad Pavel and its agent, but " tried; Zenith as it is possible to judge from messages of various mass-media, has appointed for attacking too high price. Not clear situation with Anatoly Timoshchukom. The captain Zenith the having contract till summer of 2011, communicated last year with German Bavaria and that has stated conditions to which the Ukrainian legionary can pass in superclub. Timoshchuk, in turn, has brought the offers. Who to whom will meet, will be found out very soon. At least, in the winter the general director Zenith Maxim Mitrofanov asked Timoshchuka to be defined: or to leave in Bavaria now, or upon termination of a season. To leave the leading player in the middle of the championship - that is in the summer - Zenith do not intend.

Most of all questions, of course, on Andrey Arshavinu. But, apparently, already all have got used to thought that for Zenith at the full capacity and with huge desire Arshavin will not play. What to do with the player, dreaming to leave in foreign club, - to solve to a management sine - it is white - blue. The moment for timely sale of the forward is, seemingly, missed. The lawyer during preparation for a season for certain will count on other football players.

in the Emirates where zenitovtsy will stay prior to the beginning of February, they will spend three companionable matches: on January, 24th - from a national team of Uzbekistan, 28 - go - with Bulgarian Litekom and 31 - go - with Kharkov metallistom .