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the Macrocosm has corrected a technical default


Open Company the Macrocosm - Finans (SPV - the company of the Petersburg developer the Macrocosm ) Has paid the third coupon of bonds 2 - j to a series for the sum of 1,2 million roubles (the rate of 16,5 % annual) past Wednesday. Earlier, on January, 11th, the company has not managed to carry out of the obligation to investors, having admitted thereby a technical default. Then the reason of default of the obligation in the company have explained a technical error, having promised to pay the coupon within three days.

the second release of five years` bonds for the sum 1,5 mlrd Open Company roubles the Macrocosm - Finans has placed on July, 10th, 2007. Now in circulation there are 14 040 bonds of the company. In the summer the structures close to the company, have almost completely redeemed its bonds 2 - j series on 1,5 mlrd roubles in the secondary market before offer passage on July, 9th, 2008. Also in September of last year the company has redeemed within the limits of the offer almost all bonds 1 - j series on 999,998 million roubles.

LSR - Invest Has paid the third coupon of bonds for the sum of 124,9 million roubles
Yesterday Open Company LSR - Invest entering into Open Society Group LSR has paid the third coupon of bonds of the second series for the sum of 124,9 million roubles (the rate of 8,35 % annual). The second bonded loan for the sum 3 mlrd Open Company roubles LSR - Invest has placed on July, 19th, 2007. The following date repayments of the fourth coupon is planned for July, 16th, 2009 for the similar sum - 124,9 million roubles.

yesterday Group LSR has completely executed obligations under the credit contract with Deutsche Bank A. G., signed in March, 2007 for the sum 5 mlrd roubles, having extinguished last tranche at a rate of 1,25 mlrd roubles.

the State Customs Committee Russia reduces fuel gathering
Since January, 15th base airline of the airport of Pulkovo FGUP the State transport company Russia Has lowered the size of fuel gathering on the international and internal flights. On it informs a press - State Customs Committee service Russia . On the average fuel gathering has been lowered in 2 times on the most popular international directions. The size of the fuel rate has decreased on the average on 46 - 50 euros (1400 - 1600 roubles) at flights in both parties on the international directions. Fuel gathering is lowered on 8 in directions to Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. The rate of fuel gathering remains invariable in such directions, as Tashkent, Samarkand, Yerevan, Bukhara, Fergana, Namangan. Under the information a press - airline services, the economy on fuel gathering at purchase of tickets in both parties on flights in Russia reaches more than 650 roubles.

these measures, according to airline, technicians " are caused by change of cost of aviation fuel and exchange rates, and also use by the company toplivnoeffektivnoj;. Besides, in December of last year the general director of the State Customs Committee Russia Sergey Mihalchenko has informed that the company in November, 2008 has reached break-even points. Also since yesterday the company reduces cost of charter offers in directions of Jugo - East Asia (Thailand, India, Shri - Lanka), Egypt, Israel, Spain (Canary Islands). In separate directions decrease in a total cost will reach 15 %.

High-speed trains will import duty-free
the Government of the Russian Federation has entered zero rates of the import duty on import of the high-speed trains, capable to accelerate momentum not less than 250 km/ ch. The corresponding decision for a period of 9 months has been signed on January, 9th the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin. So, for high-speed trains the decision enters necessary codes into the commodity nomenclature of Russia. It is supposed that high-speed trains will be started on routes Moscow - St.-Petersburg, Moscow - Bottom - Novgorod. Open Society the Russian Railway in May, 2006 has concluded with company Siemens the contract on delivery of 8 high-speed trains. The parties also had been concluded the contract on service of trains within 30 years. According to Siemens, the total cost of the project has made nearby 630 million Train Velaro RUS will overcome distance between two capitals for 3 hours of 45 minutes. Under the informal data, on a site this train will replace the Neva express train . The first train of this series Sapsan in the end of December has been presented the public in St.-Petersburg.

since March, 2009 on a site of Torbino - roads St.-Petersburg Borovenka - Moscow train Velaro RUS will ply without passengers in a test mode then structure certification will take place. The beginning of commercial transportations is planned for December, 2009.