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The office for the friend

Council about preservation of a cultural heritage of Petersburg has familiarised Yesterday with the closing stage of restoration of a palace of Grand duke Alexey Aleksandrovicha (the Sink, 122). The private residence restored in the shortest terms, draws steadfast attention of the federal and city authorities — in a palace it is supposed to lodge the music House led by the friend of a youth of prime minister Vladimir Putin Sergey Rolduginym.
the First owner of a private residence - grand duke Alexey Aleksandrovich - veins by a rule do nothing on a sober head . In a cellar of its monastery the richest wine cellar and a secret room for " has been equipped; malchishnikov . This premise, as well as dancing and concert halls, library, table, with unique tiles, the company " has stopped to restore a swimming bath; Intarsija . And front and other civil work has executed Open Company NPHK Remstrojkompleks . All works on palace restoration were incurred by the city budget - in spite of the fact that before recent time the monument was in federal submission. Expenses on palace restoration all time increased. If even it was a question about 400 with superfluous millions roubles now Dementyev`s madam speaks about 800 million in the spring. expensively, of course, but it of that costs - she adds.

the previous users of object - the Palace of pioneers, trust Leningradstroj and especially agency Modus Vivendi moved down from here in 2005, have tried to do the utmost, that from former palace magnificence does not remain also a trace. Under the information, the city authorities it was necessary to reach the Supreme Arbitration Court to achieve cancellation of the prisoner in 1991 it is security - the lease agreement with the International news agency Modus Vivendi interneshnl and to move the respondent not carrying out of the obligation. Since 2005 the prestigious object is in the property of the Russian Federation and is transferred by Rosimushchestvom in an operational administration sodannomu then FGU the music House . That it for structure, is not known while even by councillors on cultural heritage preservation. It is supposed that conditions for carrying out of concerts of classical music, creative evenings, exhibitions and other cultural actions here will be created. Here there will be a place for a national team on music, after all there is a residence at a national team on football - the director of the future House of music Sergey Roldugin explained. It is known not only as the violoncellist, the teacher of conservatory, but also as one of Vladimir Putin`s closest friends and the Godfather of his oldest daughter. Vladimir Putin has already visited the future House of music in the end of December of last year - but official opening of a building then has not taken place. There was a small operational development, - Dementyev`s madam speaks. - The building stood some years without heating. Now distances warmly, but it is necessary to check up, how interiors " will behave;. Despite subquality work, Vladimir Putin, speak, was it is amazed both quality of the carried out restoration, and its rates . (Works have taken about two years). Most of all, according to head KGIOPa, the prime minister - the minister has shaken the Office of Its Highness which walls are finished by a skin - imprinted, with silvering. However, Sergey Roldugin, speak in KGIOPe, do not intend to trade on an office. It will occupy more modest premise on the second floor. Besides a historical private residence, the music House applies for the two-storeyed wing of the Soviet construction located behind a palace. Therefrom the kindergarten is already moved. A wing will convert under the Guest house, and better to say - mini - hotel.