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“ Academic “ have entrusted local

the Builder of the Ekaterinburg microdistrict “ Academic “ “ Renova - the System - Grup - Academic “ has replaced genpodrjadchika. Instead of Austrian Strabag, local Open Company " became the new partner of the company of Victor Vekselberg; RSU - 37 “. The official reason - aspiration to support local manufacturers. However, in Strabag say that the companies simply have not agreed on price the contract - “ Renova “ demanded from the contractor of decrease in the cost price on 10 - 15 % (the total sum of the contract offered Strabag - 1,5 mlrd roubles - „“). Participants of the market consider that requirements “ Renovy “ are too overestimated, and to execute them it is possible only under condition of absence of a payment for an infrastructure.
as the assistant to the general director of Joint-Stock Company " has told „“; Renovastrojgrup-academic “ Alexander Rozhkov, genpodrjadchikom to the company the Ekaterinburg Open Company " became new; RSU - 37 “ with which the contract till the end of 2009 is concluded. Under treaty provisions the company will continue building of the first stage of microdistrict, in particular it is supposed that by November, 2009 it will construct about 112 thousand sq. metres of a useful area, and the first houses will be already handed over in the second quarter of current year. “ with Strabag at us in December, 2008 has expired contract term, and we have decided it not to prolong. To the company we do not have any claims, we have left good partners “ - mister Rozhkov has underlined. The reasons of transition on new genpodrjadchika in “ Renova SG “ have explained “ the changed economic situation “. “ In the conditions of crisis the state has urged investors to support the domestic companies, we as structure actively co-operating with authorities have satisfied this request, - Alexander Rozhkov has informed. - We have chosen local building company RSU - 37 which has own capacities and resources for building continuation, they have already started to work on our objects in a round-the-clock mode “. In RSU - 37 yesterday have refused to make comments on the contract with “ Renova - SG “ having referred to absence of a management.

the project “ Academic “ provides building of new area on jugo - the West of a city of Ekaterinburg a total area of 2,5 thousand in hectare, the habitation area will make an order of 9 million sq. metres of habitation and more than 4,2 million sq. metres of social objects, commercial and other real estate. Building of the first stage of residential area is planned on 2007 - 2015. In this time in “ Academic “ it will be constructed about 4,5 million square metres of habitation, more than 2,3 million square metres of uninhabited building. The share the house-keeper - a class will make 51 %, middle class - 33 %, business - a class - 11 %, the elite habitation will occupy 4 %, class habitation “ a town - a house “ - 1 %. The Total cost of the project, by estimations “ Renova - StrojGrup “ will make $300 billion

we Will remind, as already wrote „“ the contract with the Austrian company “ Renova SG “ has concluded in February, 2007, according to treaty provisions the Austrian builder till the end of 2008 was obliged to execute an underground cycle of works for building of houses of the first stage of microdistrict (about 140 thousand sq. metres). In August, 2008 as general director Strabag in Russia Alexander Ortenberg has told, has been held the new tender on building of a land part (136 thousand sq.), and Strabag has won it is contract cost made 1,5 mlrd roubles. However in September crisis, and " has begun; Renova - SG “ has decided not to sign the contract, and repeatedly to hold competition, to reduce its cost. However Strabag it was not ready to reduce the price, the contract has got to the Ekaterinburg Open Company “ RSU - 37 “ which, according to the source in “ Renove “ has offered the contract from 10 % - nym discount. Mister Ortenberg notices that “ Renova - SG “ plans to offer the habitation for state purchases the price for sq. metre for which is established at 32 thousand roubles level, in this case the building cost price should not exceed 23 thousand roubles. “ we cannot offer such prices. We are ready to participate in the subsequent tenders on “Academic“, however are not assured that we can offer necessary conditions “ - it explains.

participants of the market say that “ Renova - SG “ makes too rigid demands and doubt that new genpodrjadchiku it will be possible to be entered in determined price. “ 23 - 25 thousand for sq. The metre is a bottom lath of building only one box with the cheapest variant of furnish, without communications, access roads, house connection to networks and an underground parking, and that provided that the earth is received at floor price “ - considers zamgendirektora Joint-Stock Company “ JUIT - Uralstroj “ Alexander Pogonchik. The founder of building corporation agrees With it " also; the Beacon “ Vladimir Konkov: “ the Cost price of building of “box“ can manage in 23 - 25 thousand roubles depending on raw materials cost, besides, practice shows that the domestic companies really offer the services on 10 - 15 % more cheaply, therefore are probability that the new contractor all - taki can keep within the declared cost price “. Mister Konkov However, specifies, all calculations are conducted under condition of absence of payments for an infrastructure.