Rus News Journal

For that do you wait from forthcoming week?

Sergey Sotonin,

chairman of board of directors of Joint-Stock Company the Ural industrial company :

- On Thursday and on Friday in Ekaterinburg the second All-Russia conference " will take place; Regional metallotorgovlja Russia . For the first time such action has passed in Moscow one year ago. Russia will gather for conferences and metal rolling consumers conducting metallotrejdery. We will exchange opinions on set of important questions for us. For example, about interaction of the companies - manufacturers with distributors of metal products, about forecasts of development of the market of metal for current year. Besides, we will consider possibilities of merges and absorption, sales of the metallurgical companies which can occur in connection with crisis.

Cyril Baranov,

head of the device of Sverdlovsk regional branch of LDPR:

- On Monday at us picketing of a building of the government of area is planned. We will make the protest to actions of the head of regional election committee Vladimir Mostovshchikova and the head of municipal electoral committee Ilya Zaharova which illegally interfere with activity of our candidates. We have already directed complaints to the Central Electoral Committee and now we take out this question for general discussion. The agreement on carrying out of fair elections has been signed, and heads of electoral committees break the selective legislation. Claims at us set. We intend to achieve observance of the elective legislation by all participants of selective process.

Anton Gubkin,

general director of Open Society Hlebprom :

- next week in Moscow the first professional forum of manufacturers biskvitno - cream confectionery production will take place. I lay hopes on it. For the first time in one hall will gather and representatives of almost all most significant companies of branch can communicate personally. Ural Mountains also will be presented by several manufacturers biskvitno - cream production. At a meeting with colleagues we plan to discuss the major questions, concerning our joint actions in economic instability, principles of interaction with consumers in new conditions, and also technical regulations on confectionery production.

Andrey Korzhenevsky,

vice-president, the director of regional sales Alpha bank :

- We intend to integrate till the end of February a grocery ruler of bank Northern treasury to standards Alpha bank . All next week at us will be devoted strenuously to prepare for this process, in particular to train employees Northern treasury to work under standards of our bank. Credits already now stand out under standards Alpha bank . The most difficult in integration - interaction of two information systems, after all at Northern treasury there was a system, at Alpha bank - the.

Gennady Chernavtsev,

director of the Ural branch of Open Society Rostelecom :

- next week I am am waited by business trip to Tobolsk where heads of Management personnel and territorial administrations of the Ural branch will gather. In Tobolsk will pass the expanded meeting of directors first in this year on which we will sum up work in 2008. The basic accent will be made on financial indicators on the basic lines of activity of branch. From this trip I wait for productive conversation, including, detailed discussion of plans and prospects for 2009.

Valery Burkov,

deputy of the Kurgan regional thought:

- next week the sessions of committees of regional Duma first after vacation begin. On Tuesday sessions of committees on social policy, the regional policy and local government, and also committee on the local legislation which in the second reading will consider the bill " will take place; About corruption counteraction . On Wednesday will pass session of committee on municipal economy and a round table About interaction of local governments, legal bodies, individual businessmen and federal enforcement authorities in the course of realisation of the federal legislation in territory of the Kurgan region.

Vladimir Krasnolobov,

secretary Sverdlovsk obkoma the Communist Party of the Russian Federation:

- All forthcoming week at us will pass in struggle for preservation stely Lenin`s Awards With which authorities of Ekaterinburg and organizers of summit SHOS have decided to replace with a memorable sign in honour of forthcoming event. Lenin Sverdlovsk`s award has received in 1973 for labour and scientific merits, it is a city history part, and the summit - event ordinary, it is periodically spent in the different countries of the world. If organizers SHOS need to establish a new monument it is possible to make it though opposite to Lenin`s Award, and to take down it we will not allow. We have already sent letters on a non-admission of a pulling down of the Award of Lenin to the governor, the mayor, and also all veteran organisations, have dispatched references on mass-media. Next week we will be engaged in preparation of an official protest action, and, probably, we will spend a number of pickets.