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The candidate has rushed on the tank

Election campaign at elections of deputies Tolyatti gordumy the fifth convocation has passed in a judicial plane. Within all week in various district courts of a city claims of candidates competing with each other were considered. Experts do not exclude that elective campaign can pass in Tolyatti on syzranskomu to the scenario and the number of the candidates removed from race will be estimated in tens.
in court of the Central area Tolyatti preliminary consideration of the statement of the candidate from " on February, 5th has taken place; Fair Russia on 16 - mu to Dmitry Shankova`s one-mandatory district to its main opponent in district to United Russia party member Feodor Ivoninsky. Both of them are operating deputies gordumy present convocation.

elections in the Tolyatti municipal duma of the fifth convocation will pass on March, 1st. As a part of city parliament there will be 35 deputies, 18 from which the others will be selected under party lists, - in one-mandatory districts. Now all 35 members of parliament are selected on majority system. the Applicant insists that the mister Ivoninsky illegally uses in the propaganda materials an image of the tank and the image of two military men without the official consent of these people and the designer of a fighting vehicle - the legal owner of intellectual property.

Feodor Ivoninsky`s protection insists that in agitmaterialah the image of the tank, and certain " is used not; a metal design (in photos the tank, presumably models T - 62, is represented partially. - ). In propaganda the lawyer of the party promised to give the consent of two military men to use of their images on following session on February, 9th. Dmitry Shankov did not begin to make comments on a situation. Feodor Ivoninsky too has refused to speak on this theme.

this week the claim of United Russia party member Oleg Antoshina to its competitor on district, the representative of social movement " also has been considered; December to Borislav Grinblatu. The claimant insisted that mister Grinblat has not specified the data about citizenship and a residence permit in registration documents so should be removed from elections. The court has disagreed with arguments of mister Antoshina.

In court of Autofactory area of the candidate on 4 - mu to one-mandatory district the expert of Open Company Dejli Kompani Vladimir Ryabtsev on Wednesday tried to remove from elections of the United Russia party member, the general director of Joint-Stock Company the Motor - Super Dmitry Savenkova that that conducts enrolment of citizens in the deputy reception. This trial also has come to the end not in favour of the claimant.

but the court has removed from a distance of pensioner Sergey Jashchenko standing in 16 - an ohm district. Its opponent, temporarily jobless Vitaly Moiseenko, has managed to prove illegality of registration of mister Jashchenko as the candidate from - for absence of the data about a residence permit in registration documents of the competitor. The candidate on 2 - mu to one-mandatory district, zamgendirektora Open Society Tolyatti industrially - technological park Michael Kurbakov itself has refused participation in elections.

experts do not exclude that present elections can develop in Tolyatti on syzranskomu to the scenario where in October of last year also chose deputies of local parliament. All 25 mandates there have got to candidates from an United Russia . According to participants of the campaign, those elections became the most scandalous for the Samara region for the last years. From 106 persons who have submitted to the TIC documents on registration, the campaign ending have reached only 66. In Tolyatti on one-mandatory districts 95 candidates have been put forward, however registration have passed only 76.

the President of Fund of social researches Vladimir Zvonovsky believes that judicial proceedings between candidates will amplify. it is more convenient and, probably, more cheaply, than to spend normal election campaign - he considers. With it the Tolyatti political scientist Sergey Djachkov in which opinion present election campaign is conducted " agrees; bezynitsiativno all its participants. the unique form to win the contender there is a removal through court, - mister Djachkov has noted. - and if earlier that party which had an administrative resource used this method only, now to courts send all who feel like it . As the political scientist has noted, by quantity of claims this campaign has broken all records of previous years. However Sergey Djachkov doubts that in Tolyatti will repeat syzransky the scenario: Unlike Syzran at us in a city serious political groups of influence operate some. Besides, the president has forbidden, that the parliament consisted of one party .