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“ Counterfeiters “ (Die Falscher, 2007)
the First channel
on February, 23rd, 1. 10
Event of week - topped “ Oscar “ a film of Austrian Shtefana Ruzovitski, such “ anti - Schindler “: Europeans know that the XX-th century reality where is more difficult than Stephen Spielberg`s popular print. The commandant of a concentration camp from this film in general - that too has rescued heroes, but the executioner thus remained. SHarashki existed and in a Reich. In the exclusive prison hidden in camp Zaksenhauzen, have brought the Jews concerning printing. Under experienced counterfeiter Solomona on a nickname of Salli they fabricate dollars and pounds. Hitler wanted to fill up with them the USA and England to undermine their economy. The film is very simple, on - good is unfashionable. Nothing distracts from distinctly written out portraits of heroes, from their confusion. Certainly, they wait for defeat natsi, but if will sabotage the task, them will kill. If successfully with it will consult - will kill especially. Where throw - everywhere a wedge. Still they do not guess one threat at all. By miracle having escaped in turmoil of 1945, they hardly will not be torn to pieces by other convicts who have accepted full guys in a civil dress for changed clothes esesovtsev. Only camp numbers - tatu will rescue them from lynching. Number on a hand Salli seen by its mistress, becomes also a starting point for its memoirs. Ruzovitski has gracefully framed camp history with a thoughtless short story about in what the survived hero first of all will be engaged. Certainly, will sew to itself klift and it will be filled up in monakskoe a casino. It will be lost - it doesn`t matter: Salli still will draw.

on February, 24th, 10. 50
“ the Star was born “ (A Star Is Born, 1954)
Transformation into a star of young singer Ester Blodzhett which was noticed on charitable evening by growing old and becoming an inveterate drunkard actor Norman Mejn, - one of the most popular plots of Hollywood. It removed William Uelleman (1937) and Frenk Pirson (1976), Ester played Janet Gejnor and Barbra Streisand. But only George Kjukora`s version with participation of Dzhudi Garlend and James Mason - the legendary Hollywood classics, an exemplary musical film. Tempted, wise and cynical Kjukor has combined, apparently, incompatible - a fairy tale on the Cinderella and a cruel reality of show - business. The raduzhnee career of Ester, the more gloomily its private life. Having married with gratitude for Normana, it cannot rescue it from depression, alcoholism and  destruction. The strashnovatyj reflected light on a film is thrown by destiny of Garlend - the child prodigy, in 17 years awarded “ Oscar “ And in 47 died of overdose barbituratov in London where she has got over after the fifth marriage. However, will power of Ester, dazzling on a scene even the most terrible minutes of the life, only confirms an immortal precept: show should proceed.

on February, 24th, 23. 55
“ the Seventh press “ (Det sjunde inseglet, 1957)
Some kind of Ingmar Bergman card it is removed in a medieval genre of dancings of death. One of the main shots in the history of cinema - Death and the Knight is played by chess against the plague sky. The block has returned from a crusade and plays on a delay of own death: he should understand changed world in which, apparently, all is gloomy. Only bezglazye corpses on roadsides, zapytannye to semideath of the girl - witches, marauders. But Bergman contrary to a myth about it at all the director of despair. He adored life and a flesh. And consequently unlike the fanatic of the Block do not search for meaning of the life, and simply there live contrary to all other characters of a film. Oruzhenosets - the successful fellow, getting the Block obscene songs. Bogomaz, nadirajushchijsja with oruzhenostsem, having interrupted work on a fresco about a death celebration. The vagrant actor frightening the wife chertom whom, dipping in a paint a tail, has ostensibly recoloured their van in red colour. And the Death is similar on balagannogo the actor who has simply fastened a terrible mask: when it dexterously saws a tree on which the person sentenced by her sits, it is completely not terrible, geg such. And as not terribly it withdraws from life of the elects which chain is fancifully bent on a far hillside under all by the same huge sky.

on February, 25th, 23. 50
“ the Person “ (Persona, 1966)
it is possible, it is Ingmar Bergman the best film, though at it almost all films - the best. On the screen two women, more precisely, their persons and a hand. Anybody how Bergman, did not own magic of close ups. Actress Elizabeth has become silent on a scene, playing Elektru, and persistently refuses to speak. Probably, has not taken out cruelty of the world: on the screen the intolerable shot of self-burning of the Buddhist monk in Saigon flashes. Probably, of what she is accused by nurse Alma, silence - a sign on haughty contempt for people, actor`s vampirism. Alma who has lodged from Elizabeth in a small house on seacoast, should return it to life. She speaks and speaks, admits the secrets like gruppovika with three unfamiliar guys. And Elizabeth silence manipulates it, provokes then to scoff at it in letters to the husband. They are dissolved in each other - not to understand any more, where Alma, where Elizabeth, where a reality, where a dream. And this visible magic is much more important and not opened secret of silence.