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Selective inefficiency

on February, 16th Dmitry Medvedev has dismissed at once four heads of subjects of the Russian Federation, having explained that in the conditions of crisis from regional leaders new skills are required. These arguments it would be possible to consider quite convincing, if the reassignment which has not taken place right after it of one more governor.
resignation of four governors (see the table) became the most mass one-stage replacement of regional leaders after cancellation in 2005 of their national election. Till now in one day changed no more than two leaders: on December, 19th, 2007 heads of Smolensk and Yaroslavl areas, and on December, 8th, 2008 - heads of Khakassia and the Kirov region have been set aside.

According to the official version, resignations became a consequence of unavailability of governors to work in the conditions of crisis. As the first deputy of the head of presidential administration Vladislav Surkov has explained, these measures It is necessary to consider in an installation context on state administration improvement of quality as in the conditions of serious economic recession state administration lacks became appreciable . And the president has promised that process of rotation of shots will proceed, as in a crisis situation from heads of the Russian territories ability to work in new conditions " is required;.

the Kremlin really had strong reasons for dismissal of each of a four. Vladimir Kulakov, despite chekistskoe the past, has not managed to build an effective vertical of the power in region. Michael Kuznetsov did not possess sufficient authority at fellow countrymen and besides has not provided an United Russia high indicators on elections to Duma of 2007. Valery Potapenko and could not change opinion of inhabitants of rich Nenets autonomous region in favour of association with poorer Arkhangelsk region. And 72 - the summer Egor Stroev operating the area since 1985 as many politicians and experts believe, has simply overstayed on this post.

however the discrepancy consists that just the anti-recessionary motivation of resignations looks least convincingly. Especially if to consider that in the evening of the same day Medvedev has put forward the operating head of Vladimir region Nikolay Vinogradova who with crisis overcoming in any way has less than problems, than at its colleagues for new term.

the official statistics speaks about it also. In reports of growth of unemployment since October, 2008 any of four at fault subjects unlike Vladimir region into the five of the most problem does not enter. A similar situation and with debts under the salary: if in the Pskov area it has decreased from January, 1st till February, 1st on 39 %, and in Voronezh and Oryol has increased accordingly on 38 % and 69,5 % in Vladimir has increased in 2,5 times.

So if their inefficiency as managers to number dismissed should get not only Vinogradov, but also, for example, head of Murmansk area Yury Evdokimov became the main reason of change of governors. As already informed the Power in the previous number, on February, 11th it has scarified local United Russia party members for unworthy methods of conducting elective campaign. And already on February, 13th the Russian newspaper has accused Evdokimova of an inefficient expenditure of budgetary funds then these charges have repeated also federal TV channels. However, the chance to lose an armchair at murmanchanina still is. For example, following the results of work of the Audit Chamber which has begun last week check of area on the instructions of deputies of the State Duma.

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