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Independence Day of Kosovo

past week in Kosovo there have passed the celebrations devoted to anniversary of declaration of independence of republic. For a year the government of Kosovo managed the little: it has not reached neither the world, nor a recognition.
the authorities of Kosovo have tried to celebrate day on February, 17th as much as possible solemnly. In 11. 00 in Prishtina special session of republican parliament has opened. The prime minister who have acted on her - the minister of republic Hashim Tachi named time which has passed from the moment of unilateral declaration of independence, year of historical successes . In turn, the president of Kosovo Fatmir Sejdiu has declared in interview BBC that independence of Kosovo represents the most rational event of time .

However, whatever rational this event was, while it is impossible to consider the project of independence of Kosovo successful. The list of symbols of the independent and sovereign state in Kosovo is limited to non-material values - a hymn, a flag, the arms, the constitution text. Armies in the country for the present are not present (it replace a safety force which in all depend on the help of EU) as there is also own currency (no it replaces euro). With the international recognition Kosovo too had serious problems. Independence of Kosovo recognises 54 states, and it, of course, advances other self-proclaimed republics, in particular South Ossetia in this sense and Abkhazia. Kosovan independence recognised the USA, Japan, the majority of the EU countries, however a considerable part recognised make such countries, as Liechtenstein, the Dignity - Marino, Belize, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Samoa and Micronesia. And even Intrakosovan phone calls pass through Serbia. Therefore real independence for the country - a question of far prospect. As opponents of independence, first of all Serbia and Russia, do not lose hope to challenge unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo. For example, in court. The general Assembly of the United Nations has satisfied the inquiry of Serbia supported by Russia about the reference in the International court about legality of branch of Kosovo from Serbia. The claim of Serbia in the Hague will start to consider court on March, 17th.

unique on - to the present the positive moment consists that events did not begin to develop on February, 17th, 2008 on worst of possible scenarios and Kosovo has not turned to the next flashpoint. The Serbian president Boris Tadich who has noticed has told about it also that for the first time in history the Balkans so deep and the knotty problem has not poured out in a confrontation. Nevertheless the world in Kosovo is unusually fragile. The country authorities did not manage to convince the Serbian minority to recognise independence and to start to co-operate with the Albanian majority. Moreover, according to the foreign correspondents who have visited on the eve of solemn date the Serbian areas Kosovo, seemingly, these areas do not cope at all Prishtina. many cars in Mitrovitsa have no licence plates. It is a sign of that orders of the authorities here do not operate - informed Irish The Irish Examiner. According to many, Mitrovitsa divided into the Serbian and Albanian parts by the river Ibar, - the best symbol of present Kosovo. they live in one city, but very seldom pass from one part in another. And any such transition can quite be considered not only as the heroism certificate, but also as an act of aggression - tells one of the European officials in Kosovo.