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Till now was considered what appear on public the drunk the Russian politicians and statesmen can only. The Canadian, British or Japanese minister, certainly, could not conduct an orchestra or oversleep an important meeting. Past week to disseminate this error the Minister of Finance of Japan Sioiti Nakagava which have was on a press - conference undertook following the results of a meeting of Ministers of Finance G7 in a condition of strong intoxication. Nakagava hardly answered questions, its speech was nerazborchiva, in the end he has not fallen asleep nearly. All it fixed television cameras gathered for a press - conference of journalists, and soon record of performance of Nakagavy has appeared on sites of leading broadcasting companies of the world, and also on pages of many users of service YouTube. In the best Russian traditions minister Nakagava has first declared that drunk was not; then recognised that hardly - hardly has drunk But it has not affected its behaviour that he was simply tired; then that, probably, has affected also that it has slightly drunk and that has accepted some tablets for cold. Anyway Sioiti Nakagava refused to submit to resignation as that was demanded by representatives of opposition. Only under obvious pressure from members of parliament he has been compelled to declare intention to leave, but not at once, but only after budget acceptance. However, after three days of continuous criticism of Nakagava all - taki has retired. Minister of Economics Kaoro Josanu is appointed to its place.