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Deficiency comes back
In spite of the fact that while all regiments in shops are filled, the part from them caves in under old stocks, and the part already reminds of planned economy times: like emptiness is not present, and to choose there is nothing. It, of course, only the beginning - deficiency has concerned only so-called hits of sales. But it just also is the main indicator of crisis in the consumer market. After all still it was recently impossible to imagine a situation at which the best-selling goods cease to go on sale smoothly. To take, for example, electronics and home appliances. Contrary to all forecasts demand for them from - for rouble devaluations even has grown - only have time to deliver popular models. However ritejlery to splash in consumer activity have appeared are not ready, because at them the deficiency: they elementary do not have circulating assets. Earlier they or would ask for bank of money, or at the supplier - the commodity credit. And now so it is impossible, because both bank, and the supplier too have deficiency. And the higher order - deficiency of trust. And as nobody knows, when it will be possible to overcome it, the list of the goods which have disappeared from a counter, will become every day longer. Calms only one: in comparison with the list of problems with which officially declared budgetary deficiency and the inflation generated by it threaten even, it will seem only small trouble.