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“ Eleks - the Pole “ on Ladaν breathes

As it became known „“, Autovases has broken off the dealer contract with the company “ Eleks - the Pole “ from - for it predbankrotnogo conditions. Earlier “ Eleks - the Pole “ not prolonged for 2009 contracts with the majority of suppliers, including JUICE (cars “ Izh “ Kia), “ Sollers “ (Fiat, UAZ), GAS, TagAZ (Hyundai) and UZ - Daewoo, was ready to become monobrendovoj a network for Lada. On “ Eleks - a pole “ it was necessary 8 - 9 % of sales the Autovase in home market, in the conditions of crisis it will be difficult to concern to compensate the lost trade channel.
as have told „“ some dealers the Autovase, and also sources at the factory, on February, 6th Autovases has terminated the dealer contract with the company “ Eleks - the Pole “. According to interlocutors „“, “ Eleks - to the Pole “ shipment of cars is already stopped. However, has specified one of sources „“, the dealer can spend warranty service of models Lada even two months, that is till April, 6th. After that relations the Autovase and “ Eleks - Poles “ will be broken off definitively. In a press - service the Autovase „“ have confirmed rupture of relations with “ Eleks - the Pole “ having explained it to that “ this company is in predbankrotnom a condition “. The general director “ Eleks - Poles “ Igor Lisjutin has refused comments.

“ Eleks - the Pole “ - one of the largest dealers the Autovase. He sold about 5 thousand cars Lada a month that approximately corresponds 8 - 9 % of sale the Autovase in home market. On key for the Autovase the Moscow car market (on it is on sale to 15 thousand Lada a month) “ Eleks - the Pole “ was the second for sales volume after “ Inkom - the Car “ (a market share “ Eleks - Poles “ reached 15 %). However, as already informed „“ on December, 17th, in the conditions of crisis a financial position “ Eleks - Poles “ has sharply worsened, in December with it have terminated dealer contracts all partners, behind an exception the Autovase: group JUICE (Kia model), Open Society “ Sollers “ (Fiat, UAZ), GAS, TagAZ (Hyundai) and UZ - Daewoo. In the autumn NOMOS - the bank has given out to the dealer short-term (for a year) the credit for 400 million rbl.

for replenishment of circulating assets.

group “ Eleks - the Pole “ is engaged in sale and a car rent, supervises 24 dealer centres in Moscow, Petersburg, Tolyatti, Ufa, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Nizhni Novgorod and Ulyanovsk. The gain in 2007 - $570 - 630 million Under the informal information, is under control to general director Igor Lisjutinu.

Having lost dilerstva the Autovase, “ Eleks - the Pole “ remained without the basic partner - on sale Lada it was necessary to 70 % of sales of the dealer. After with “ Eleks - the Pole “ have broken off relations all other motor-car manufacturers, the general director of the company Igor Lisjutin was going to count on sale Lada demand on which in the conditions of falling of incomes of the population and rouble devaluation should grow. Now, after refusal the Autovase to co-operate with the dealer, in its grocery portfolio there will be only Chinese technics (including commercial), which sales volumes, according to sources „“, “ are insignificant “ (breakdown on sales of brands “ Eleks - the Pole “ does not publish).

the General director of agency “ avtostat “ Yury Tselikov notices that Autovases has refused partnership with “ Eleks - the Pole “ after has decided to sell 75 % of actions of the affiliated dealer holding of Open Society “ the Harmony - Service “ to the Samara group “ JUICE “. The native of group Sergey Shabanov is already appointed by the general director “ Frets - Service “ Though formally the transaction has not taken place yet. The mister Is whole does not exclude that the group starts to dictate the Autovase its marketing policy (“ Eleks - the Pole “ in perimetre “ Frets - Service “ did not enter. - „“). The representative of group “ JUICE “ yesterday has told „“ that “ considers incorrect to make comments on action an Autovase, which itself defines, with whom and on what conditions to build the marketing policy “. On the Autovase communication between rupture of partnership with “ Eleks - the Pole “ and the beginning of work with JUICE deny. One of dealers of the Tolyatti car factory explains rupture the Autovase with “ Eleks - a pole “ that earlier last “ received from the enterprise considerable preferences, it shipped production without an advance payment. It connected that “ Eleks - the Pole “ could have influential patrons in “ the Harmony - Service “. After their positions in holding have reeled, this system has failed “.

Elena Sahnova from “ VTB the capital “ adds that the decision the Autovase partly explainably - “ any motor-car manufacturer will not want to hang on bankruptcy procedure (the dealer. - „“) “. However, the mister Is whole adds that rupture is unprofitable to both parties: loss of the dealer on which it is necessary about 10 % of sale in home market - “ not the best event for the Autovase in crisis “. In factory warehouses the two-month volume of output (110 thousand cars) has now accumulated. From - for it as already informed „“, factory manufacture in 2009 will fall to 11 % even if sales remain at last year`s level (728 thousand cars).