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To the mayor of Samara have reduced term

the Samara provincial thought intend to establish in area the uniform election day. Authors of idea assert that it will help to save money and in the best way will provide observance of the rights and freedom of voters. Experts consider that thus the authorities in power try to delay unpredictable in the conditions of an economic crisis elections.
yesterday at once three committees of the Samara provincial thought have considered the project of the regional law About prolongation and reduction of terms of appointment of heads and representative bodies of municipal unions . Six deputies have introduced the bill: United Russia party members Nikolay Rents, Andrey Kislov, Alexander Rokkel, Victor Voropayev, communist Nikolay Musatkin and the liberal - democrat Vyacheslav Pikalov.

the Law, as a matter of fact, establishes uniform date of following elections in region - on October, 10th, 2010. For this purpose in four cities, 18 areas and six villages at municipal heads and parliaments terms of appointment on 6 - will be reduced or prolonged 12 months. To transfer date of elections to regional parliament allows item 4 of item 82 of the federal law 67 - FZ About the basic guarantees of the suffrage on participation in a referendum of citizens of the Russian Federation from June, 12th, 2002.

in the Samara region 341 municipal union (10 cities, 27 areas and 304 city and rural settlements). On October, 12th, 2010 elections of heads should pass in 286 territories of area, and to 315 cities, areas and settlements should generate parliaments. From October, 11th, till October, 9th, 2011 elections can take place in four cities, 18 areas and six villages of region.

According to authors of the bill, elections to one day optimum will provide the rights and legitimate interests of voters, will save money of municipalities. Besides, initiators are assured, it is simply convenient.

more than two years the provincial thought spends days of municipal unions, - Nikolay Musatkin has told. - the Refrain in all performances of their representatives passed that elections need to be spent in one day. It is less than expenses, it is more than order . In its opinion, introduction of the uniform election day will save an order of 400 million roubles. Nikolay Rents has noticed that the idea to combine elections was born at members of parliament even in the autumn, when they have reflected how to reduce the costs connected with maintenance of activity of power structures.

it is obvious that the unique motive explaining so urgent entering of the bill, postponing for a year elections for one and a half millions voters of area - panic fear before these elections of that their results in the conditions of crisis become more and more unpredictable and protest in relation to operating municipal authority - the deputy gubdumy Michael Matveev considers.

Some observers connect occurrence of the bill with political opposition of the regional authorities and the mayor of Samara Victor Tarhova. To the last the document reduces a term of appointment to a year, and Samara gordume, on the contrary, prodljaet. According to the source in regional parliament, few members of parliament knew about work on this bill, and some it initiators for the first time have seen the text two days ago. As far as I know, the idea to develop such bill belongs to the area government, - has told a source in regional parliament. - in gubdume bill advancement was lobbied actively by representatives of groups of the influences interested in the prompt leaving in Tarhova from a post of the mayor .

Not casually reduce powers only to one mayor - Tarhovu, all the rest increase, - Michael Matveev has noted. - The same that on the quiet this scheme of power Samara gordumy, supervised Volgopromgazom and JUICE last actually with 5 to 6,3, years obviously specifies and in real motive, and on the obvious and latent authors of the bill .

the Samara mayoralty do not doubt that the bill has been developed in interests of political opponents of mister Tarhova. the Idea one - to clean in public selected mayor and to put the obedient town governor - the chief of the department of the information and analytics of the mayoralty of Samara Elena Lebedinsky considers. The interlocutor has reminded that last year in area a number of mayors and heads of areas was replaced. pass itself in Victor Tarhova`s leaving they could not, - she has noted. - now undertake new calling .

Experts do not doubt that the regional parliament will approve the bill at once in two readings in February.