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“ the Regatta “ the Rostov distributor and the manufacturer of alcohol GK " will add alcohol uraltsam

; the Regatta “ has declared an exit on the market of the Ural federal district. The holding intends to open two affiliated companies in Ekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk which will concentrate on distribution of brands of a portfolio “ Bakardi - Martini “ and advancement of own marks “ poljarka, “ Southern capital “ and “ the White birch “. Experts of the alcoholic market consider what to realise the declared plans “ to the Regatta “ it will be difficult enough from - for limited assortment of the company and a high competition in the market.
about an exit of a group of companies “ the Regatta “ in a premium and sub - the segment premium (from 240 roubles to 8,5 tys roubles for a bottle) alcoholic market UrFo was told „“ by the general director of holding Vladimir Kovalev. As he said, till the end of March, 2009 the first affiliated company of holding " will be opened; Regatta Ekaterinburg “ and till the end of May - “ the Regatta Chelyabinsk “. The Ural enterprises will work both on retail, and in the wholesale market. The wholesale share, according to mister Kovaleva, should make about 20 %.

Investments into the project of creation of two affiliated companies will make about 30 million roubles.

a time of recovery of outlay of the Ural project mister Kovalev has found it difficult to name, having referred that “ in different regions opening of “daughters“ pays off on - to a miscellaneous “. The new companies will be engaged in distribution under the contract of brands of a portfolio “ Bakardi - Martini “ marks of own manufacture, and also delivery under exclusive contracts with the manufacturer of the Bulgarian wines “ Stomna “. “ Opening the distribution centres in this region, we, first of all, want not to lose that share of the market, which is for today in UrFO (no more than 1 % - „“) “ - mister Kovalev has noted. PR - manager GK “ the Regatta “ Ekaterina Klochkova has added that opening of own companies in Ural Mountains is connected with company requirements “ Bakardi - Martini “.

the Group of companies “ the Regatta “ (Rostov-on-Don) it is based in 1985. Into group structure enter vodka distillery “ Southern capital “ the distribution companies of Joint-Stock Company “ the Regatta “ and TK “ Southern capital “ five regional affiliated branches in Moscow, Stavropol, Samara, Volgograd and Saratov, a retail network from five alkomarketov “ 1000 and 1 bottle “ in Rostov. The basic vodka brands of own manufacture of the company - “ the White birch “ “ Southern capital “ Red Army, “ poljarka “. Under exclusive contracts the company extends trade marks “ Krim “ “ the Celt “ “ Stomna “. Own production GK “ the Regatta “ Delivers in 55 subjects of the Russian Federation. Vodka distillery “ Regattas “ in 2008 has made 671 thousand has given to alcoholic production.

Attempt “ Regattas “ to be fixed in the Ural market at the expense of opening of affiliated companies it is quite logical, branch experts mark. “ the matter is that to increase sales of own brands of the Rostov company it is unreal: now “ the Regatta “ occupies the maximum share for it the Ural market of vodka. Therefore attempt to work in Ural Mountains as the distributor „Bakardi - Martini“ is clear “ - the general director " speaks; Omega Spirits “ (enters in “ Omega Groups “) Cyril Shlaen. As he said, a margin “ Regattas “ under the contract with “ Bakardi - Martini “ can make 1 - 2 % from cost of realised production.

on the other hand, to the distributor now to leave in an expensive segment risky, participants of the alcoholic market warn. In - the first, in connection with crisis the consumer demand is displaced from a premium - a segment in an average and lowest price segment (alcohol at retail by cost to 200 roubles). Under forecasts “ Omegi Spirits “ following the results of the first quarter 2009 sales volume the premium - a segment will fall to 30 %. In - the second, players speak, the regional market of alcohol is already divided between local distributors - “ Omega Groups “ Uraltorgservis, Invina - Wholesale, SEKOM. They remind that attempts to be fixed in Ural Mountains already were undertaken by a number of federal players, including “ Russia - Import “ and “ Luding “. However, as mister Shlaen specifies, they have curtailed the activity from - for unprofitability: “ the Market of the Ural region is developed enough and unfriendly in relation to external participants “. The head of the Ural branch of National alcoholic association Dmitry Taf notices that the high competition is connected by that local distributors have already developed client base which has been turned out within several years, qualified personnel and reputation in retail networks. “ it is clear that ritejlery prefer to work with acquaintances it distributors “ - mister Taf considers. In its opinion, work “ Regattas “ could become successful in the presence of exclusive brands or wide assortment of production. “ however neither interesting brands, nor wide assortment at the Rostov distributor are not present “ - mister Taf underlines.

Ritejlery agree with participants of the alcoholic market. As the president of a trading network " marks; Elisej “ Alexander Ogloblin, contracts with distributors of alcohol about distribution of places of their production to store regiments are painted for a year forward. “ We cannot contain even a matrix of those partners with which we work already long term “ - mister Ogloblin speaks. As he said, the new distributor can interest trading networks if will offer the lowest prices for the production or the attractive scheme of calculations (for example, long instalments on payments).