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eks - genpodrjadchik “ Academic “ the Austrian concern Strabag which was until recently genpodrjadchikom microdistrict buildings " has legal proceedings with subcontractors

Yesterday; Academic “ (the investor - Joint-Stock Company “ Renova - StrojGrup “ - „“), has submitted the claim to the Moscow arbitration court about collecting of 40,2 million roubles of debts from the Ekaterinburg Open Company “ the Alpha - the System “. More detailed comments in Strabag have refused. As the chairman of board of directors " has told „“; the Alpha - the System “ Victor Sagajdak, about claims of the Austrian holding it while does not know: the company while has not received claim requirements. But, according to mister Sagajdaka, its company now prepares the counterclaim to eks - genpodrjadchiku “ Academic “. “ Strabag owe to us nearby 150 - 200 million roubles for the performed works on pouring of a zero cycle of all inhabited objects in “Academic“. 800 persons worked for me on that platform nearby, but so till now we and have not received money. Thus censures on quality was not any, genpodrjadchik simply did not co-ordinate to us the accounting documentation “ - Victor Sagajdak has explained.