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Regions primerivajutsja to a federal management

the Federal ministries and the departments having the representations in subjects of federation, henceforth at selection of the candidate in heads of representation should co-ordinate this nominee with the governor. So has solved the Republic Tuva government, having started working out of the corresponding bill. In a management of the majority of the next Siberian regions consider this problem irrelevant, and existing practice of the coordination sufficient.
the Ministry of Justice of Tuva prepares the project of amendments in the federal law “ About the general principles of the organisation legislative and executive powers of the state power of subjects of the Russian Federation “. Necessity of the amendment deduces the government of Tuva from the message of the president to Federal meeting. Anyway, Dina Ojun, the adviser of the head of Tuva government Sholbana the Penalty - oola, refers to Dmitry Medvedev`s words “ About optimisation of federal structures of the power and their representations in regions “. One of optimisation methods, according to the adviser, also can become “ the coordination of nominees of heads of federal structures in subjects with heads of these subjects “.

At regions, as she said, in due time “ have taken away this right in the heat of struggle against sovereignties and the taken roots clannishness in personnel selection “. However, since 2005 at the initiative of Vladimir Putin federal departments began to inform in advance governors on the naznachentsah. But also in such kind this practice as madam Ojun considers, “ has led to that proteges of the federal centre in the majority were simply eliminated from region problems, being limited to exclusively departmental interests “. In particular, she confirms, the tax service liquidated, despite protests of local authorities, the branches in republic areas, for which inhabitants now “ Such elementary procedures as delivery of the declaration or inquiry reception, turn around a huge problem and considerable expenses on trips “. Similar “ absurd “ as the Minister of Justice of Tuva Konstantin Mazurevsky, " has declared „“; arise in republic because of federal officials from - for estrangement of these officials from life of region and their full independence of governors “.

In the majority of other Siberian subjects of federation do not see necessity to change an existing order of appointment of federal officials. According to the source in Novosibirsk regional administration, in practice of a nominee cases when opinion of governors would neglect, as a rule, are discussed with heads of regions also, are extremely rare. “ formally such coordination occurs not always. But anyhow it occurs, and I do not know cases when on the governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander Hloponinym did not consult at such appointments “ - the head of department of an information policy of the Krasnoyarsk governor Igor Astapov has confirmed.

the Vice-president of legal committee of Tomsk regional Duma Vladimir Dolgih has paid attention that in case of occurrence of conflict situations deputies of Legislative Assemblies see in regional representatives of the federal ministries and departments of independent arbitrators, “ the looking after for local and regional power “. That the similar idea was born in Tuva, head Cθαθπρκξγξ of inter-regional territorial district of supervision of nuclear and radiating safety Vladimir Prilepsky considers not casual, as, on its supervision, “ in this republic very powerful clannishness... And this idea - only next naduvanie cheeks... “

On - to another, however, consider in the Kemerovo regional administration headed by one of influential regional heads - Aman Tuleyev. The head of department on work from mass-media Sergey Cheremnov has informed „“ that the regional administration positively concerns the initiative of Tuva and supports it.

in expert community doubt prospects of the Tuva initiative. Power departments remain centralised. For example, FSB or the Ministry of Internal Affairs never begin to co-ordinate with governors of candidates in chiefs of the regional governments. Therefore claims of regions will concern, “ most likely, economic departments “ the director " has explained „“; Agencies of regional researches “ Rostislav Turovsky. But after all these departments create the representations in regions only because the Constitution provides differentiation of powers between the federal centre and subjects. And within the limits of a departmental vertical, according to the expert, it is quite logical, that the ministries independently appointed heads of the divisions in subjects of federation.

till now, according to mister Turovsky, regions supported abolition of these divisions and transfer of their functions to structures of the regional power. But the economic crisis, probably, has introduced corrective amendments. “ governors understand that they pay the life before the federal centre for liquidation of consequences of crisis “ - he speaks. Therefore regions also try, on the one hand, “ to be reserved by powers “ but, on the other hand, to become stronger not so, that in the conditions of crisis “ to incur all burden of responsibility “.

At the same time as the vice-president " considers; the Center of political technologies “ George Tchizhov, separate attempts of regional elite " are already quite obvious; To reconsider that line on centralisation which became stronger all 2000 - e years “. That president Tatarii subjects to the sharp criticism federal educational standards the Bashkir deputies enter correspondence dispute with the president about a new order of appointment of governors Dagestan demands observance “ an ethnic principle “ at personnel appointment in republican management of Federal tax service. It still “ not a tendency “ mister Tchizhov, as any legal consequences " believes; these statements have not crowned “. But on “ a certain public reaction similar attempts of regional elite, undoubtedly, are calculated “.