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Party Kadima the central election committee of Israel is in the lead on parliamentary elections in Israel

on February, 11th has announced preliminary results of the past the day before in Israel of parliamentary elections. Party Kadima led by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Israel of Tzipi Livni their main contender, party " can count on 28 places in the Knesseth; Likud under the direction of Benjamin Netanjahu has received 27 places. However about definitive results of elections to speak still early - while there is no data from polling districts in the Israeli army and prisons.
as inform in the central election committee of Israel, 5,3 million the Israelis who have reached of selective age have taken part in voting (more than 60 %) almost. Voting passed on more than 9 thousand sites. From 120 places in the Israeli parliament 28 parties " have got; Kadima 27 - parties Likud 15 places Liberman`s party Avigdora " has assigned to itself; Our house - Israel the Israeli labourites from party Avoda 13 places have received and ultraorthodox party SHAS will be presented in parliament by 9 mandates. The official data of results of elections, predictably, will be declared on February, 12th after counting of votes with spetsuchastkov. Meanwhile, analysts believe that in a root the situation with distribution of places in the Knesseth will not exchange.

after announcement of the official data the president of the country Shimon Peres will start consultations of leaders of the selected parties and will choose one of them for formation of the new government. As have explained in office of the president of Israel, at a choice of the given nominee Peres will be guided not only the sizes of party, but also quantity of the voices submitted for the candidate during consultations. For creation of ruling coalition two large parties should find partners.

we Will remind, the self-dissolution of parliament made at the initiative of party in power " became an occasion to the organisation of extraordinary elections (instead of November, 2010); Kadima in October, 2008. It has occurred after a recognition of the party leader of Tzipi Livni in the failed attempt to generate the government. Then Kadime it was not possible to agree with Likud dissatisfied with a principle of a choice of the power, with religious parties, whose support the opponent Downpours on elections of Shaul Mofaz has had time to secure. Considering successful negotiations with labourites from Avody there was a chance to agree with religious party SHAS, however having learnt about plans Kadimy at conclusion of peace with Palestinians to give to Arabs East Jerusalem, management SHAS has interrupted negotiating process.

in the meantime, in Palestin do not feed special hopes of the future government of Israel. As the intermediary in negotiating process between Israel and Palestin has declared Saeb Erekat, the future government of Israel, without dependence, whether it will be generated by Tzipi Livni`s centrist party or right party Likud will not promote peace agreements with Palestin . it is obvious that Israelis have voted for a suspension of peace negotiating process - he is assured. The representative of movement correcting in Gaza Strip Hamas from its part, named a choice of citizens of Israel extremist.