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Deficiency of the federal budget of Russia is planned at level of 8 % from gross national product

on February, 11th during a round table Understanding of the Russian market: huge potential and high risk? the assistant to the president of Russia Arcady Dvorkovich has estimated size of a budgeted deficit of Russia. As he said, budgetary deficiency in 2009 will not exceed 8 % of gross national product. However in case the government will not reduce not so important at present expenses, deficiency can reach and 10 % of gross national product, but excess of this size of Dvorkovich has promised not to suppose.
it will be kvazi - deficiency here are included subordinirovnye credits to banks from Reserve fund - the assistant to the head of the state Arcady Dvorkovich has explained, making comments on possible increase in deficiency of the Russian budget to 10 % of gross national product. As he said, during the current year it will be spent about half of reserve fund. It will allow already during 2010 - 2011 to provide a budgeted deficit at level 3 - 4 % of gross national product.

At the moment, according to Arcady Dvorkovicha, the volume of reserve fund makes 4,4 trln rbl. (12 % of gross national product). We will remind, for January, 1st the total volume of reserve fund of the Russian Federation has made 4 trln 027,64 mlrd rbl. the Total volume of Fund of national well-being made 2 trln 584,49 mlrd rbl. In the beginning of December its volume made 2,1 trln rbl. One of the reasons of increase in stabilisation funds of Russia in a rouble equivalent - rouble exchange rate falling at currency stock exchanges.

at the same time, according to Dvorkovicha, it is necessary to reconsider the budget towards increase in expenses at provision of pensions, indexing of pensions and grants. Special support is demanded by regional budgets and bank sphere. banks can suffer losses this year, it will be possible to cover them at the expense of authorised capital stock increase - Dmitry Medvedev`s assistant is assured.

According to the data of the Ministry of Finance, in January, 2009 the federal budget is executed with primary (before payment of payments on an external debt) proficiency 374 mlrd rbl. At expenses in 412 mlrd rbl. January incomes have made 771 mlrd rbl. of Profitsitnost of the budget in the conditions of sharp reduction of tax revenues - result of a new technique of the Ministry of Finance under the account of incomes. Proficiency of the budget in January was affected by essential reduction of expenses by the Ministry of Finance. In January the sum of expenses has made 411 mlrd rbl. (4,6 % to annual budget settings). We will remind, in January, 2008 expenses made 455 mlrd (6,9 % from the annual plan).