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The deputy of the Tula area is detained on suspicion in swindle

on February, 11th the Soviet district court of Tula has listened to arguments of a consequence and has made decision to take into custody the deputy of the Tula regional thought Vladimir Kuznetsova and his wife, the chairman of gardening consumer co-operative society (SPK) Lomovsky Bogoroditsky area Galina Kuznetsovu. Arrested persons are suspected of large swindle, the amount of damage to the state has made 130 million 324 thousand 320 rbl.
As have informed in investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor (SKP) the Russian Federation on the Tula area, to the deputy of a regional thought and his wife is incriminated ch. 4 items 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (swindle in especially large size). Criminal case has been raised on January, 12th, and on February, 9th Vladimir and Galina Kuznetsovy have been detained as suspects. Business at the moment is in department manufacture on investigation especially important issues SKP the Russian Federation on the Tula area. In case of the proof of fault, Kuznetsovym terms from 5 till 10 years of imprisonment in aggregate with the penalty to 1 million rbl.

threaten It is a question of the period when Vladimir Kuznetsov was the individual businessman. During the period since 2001 for 2006 suspects have concluded fictitious the earth lease contract owing to what Smiths illegally became the owner of ground areas SPK Lomovsky a total area of 5200 hectares. Further, as appears from materials of business, the spouse have made void documents on economic activities on these earths.

as the Inter-regional management on road building of the central region of Russia was going to withdraw the earths under building of a highway of M - 4 Don owners have given in department the prepared false documents and have entered into the agreement with department about indemnification. The compensation sum has made 130 million 324 thousand 320 rbl. During the period from November, 2006 till April, 2007 the specified sum has been completely received by suspects.