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The quantity of victims of acts of terrorism has increased in Kabul to 26 persons

As a result of two explosions which have thundered in capital of Afghanistan Kabul, 26 persons were lost at least, more than 50 are wounded. Among victims local residents prevail. To attack of insurgents have undergone the governmental building of prison administration in the north of a city, and also the Ministry of Justice. During firing of insurgents with police the suicide bomber has been shot. Responsibility for actions was incurred by the fighting organisation the Taliban .
the governmental building in the north of Kabul in which the prison administration settled down became One of the purposes of insurgents. During firing of one of attacking with policemen, on other insurgent has worked an explosive. As a result of explosion the building is partially destroyed. Attempt to activate an explosive at a building of the Ministry of Education has failed - the suicide bomber has been killed by forces of law enforcement bodies.

During the same time the building of the Ministry of Justice has undergone to attack of terrorists also. According to eyewitnesses, insurgents have rushed into a building and have started to shoot. Serving in a panic left a premise. According to police, in a building of the Ministry of Justice there is one more suicide bomber. According to the Minister of Defence of Afghanistan, during firing with police eight condemned men were lost. Everything, according to the representative the Taliban Zabihully Madzhahida, have entered into a city of 16 suicide bombers.

once again movement the Taliban has shown the full disrespect for inhabitants of Afghanistan and unwillingness to establish the world in Afghanistan - the commander of the coalition forces which are based in Afghanistan is assured. Under its management in Afghanistan are about 55 thousand military men from 40 countries.

we Will remind, a priority direction for the USA, according to performance of the president of the country of Barack Obama, there is Afghanistan. the highest priority which we gave to Iraq throughout last several years, passes to Afghanistan - the Minister of Defence of the USA Robert Gates has confirmed a position of the president. Priorities become fight against terrorism and narcothreat.