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In Baku the commander of the Air Forces of Azerbaijan

In Baku is killed yesterday the commander of the Air Forces and air defence of Azerbaijan, the deputy minister of defence the general - lieutenant Rail Rzaev has been killed. Yesterday in the morning the general, as usual, has gone on service. About nine o`clock in the morning it has approached to the office car of Mitsubishi which waited for it near to the house. But the general in the car as the unknown man has shot to it at a head from a pistol has not had time to sit down and has disappeared. The driver has immediately brought the wounded man to the Central clinical hospital of the Minister of Defence. However, despite all efforts of doctors, Rail Rzaev has died, without regaining consciousness. This very day funeral of the commander has been organised.

64 - summer Rail Rzaev has held a post of the commander of the Air Forces and air defence of Azerbaijan in June, 1993. It became the fourth general under the account, but at the same time to the most high-ranking military men killed in Azerbaijan since 1992. Last night the president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has demanded from law enforcement bodies to institute criminal proceedings customers and executors of this bloody crime . Possibilities of the Azerbaijan state are very great, and for each criminal activity concerning us, statehood, the peace population the made these actions should answer and answer. The Azerbaijan state is capable to protect itself - the president has underlined. RAPHAEL - MUSTAFAEV, Baku