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System of execution of punishments have sent for corrective works

the Essence of offers of Dmitry Medvedev who has sounded at presidium of the State Council, to an observer IRINA - GRANIK was explained by the chairman of the Supreme court Vyacheslav LEBEDEV.
- the president has told that rigid fixation of punishments connects to judges of a hand. What does it mean and what it is supposed to change?

- in 1994 - 1995 have decided that the court appoints too soft punishments, and have toughened system of punishments. The president has told: it is necessary to remove a limit of the bottom sanction. For example, punishment is established by court from 5 till 15 years. And the court in connection with any exclusive circumstances wants to appoint below five. But cannot, as any exclusive circumstances in the law it is not registered. Therefore Dmitry Anatolevich says that it is necessary to remove the bottom threshold. And then the court can appoint both two, and three years.

- That Dmitry Medvedev meant, when spoke about necessity of change of modes of punishment?

- earlier if the person made netjazhkoe, it served time in a standard regime penal colony. And if has committed a crime again to it the high security relied. Now these norms in the legislation are not present. Also it turns out that the one who was not we judge, and the one who was earlier we judge, serve time together. As a result not skilled prisoners adopt experience at earlier offenders. What good they can adopt at them?

the president also spoke concerning return to so-called chemistry . There was a norm - conditionally - an early release with obligatory attraction to work Earlier. It meant that the person, for example, has served time within a year - two and normally itself conducted. It is logical that there is nothing it to stick out in places of serving of punishment and money state to spend. And then began - to send single decrees of ten thousand, for example, on national economy buildings. It also was called chemistry . They worked there with restrictions on moving. And then at us the legislation has changed and there was an established order: either sit, or do not sit. Here Dmitry Anatolevich it also has told today: it is necessary to return and chemistry and so-called colonies - settlements for committed a crime on imprudence.