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Surgutneftegaz has lagged behind regulations

Surgutneftegaz once again shifts terms of modernisation of the NPZ in Kirishi. The company for a year transfers installation input gidrokrekinga and on two - kataliticheskogo krekinga, assuming to start the production some standard fuel Euro - 5 not earlier than 2017. But the technical regulations confirmed by the government oblige oil industry workers to make it by 2015. Yesterday the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin has urged them to observe terms.
Surgutneftegaz transfers terms of modernisation of the only thing Kirishsky NPZ, located in Leningrad region. The company plans to start installation kataliticheskogo krekinga (it is necessary for increase oktanovogo fuel numbers) in 2017, the assistant to the technical factory manager Boris Levchenko who quotes " has informed yesterday; Interfax . Installation gidrokrekinga will be put into operation in the end of 2010. According to mister Levchenko, installation kataliticheskogo krekinga will allow to finish manufacture of the fuel answering to the standard Euro - 5 to 99 %. Installation cost - 185 mlrd rbl.

Surgutneftegaz planned to finish modernisation earlier. In the spring of last year general director NPZ Vadim Somov said that installation gidrokrekinga will be ready to the end of 2009 though some more months will occupy starting-up and adjustment works. In 2007 head Surgutneftegaz Vladimir Bogdanov said that katalitichesky kreking will appear in 2012, then mister Somov informed already about 2015. After factory modernisation its capacity of processing will increase from 12 million to 24 million tons of oil a year. The reason of carrying over of terms at factory do not explain. Phone of the representative Surgutneftegaz yesterday did not answer.

carrying over of terms can create problems to Surgutneftegaz . Recently the government at the desire of oil industry workers has transferred terms of input of new technical regulations. Gasoline of a class 2 ( Euro - 2 ) Which was supposed to be forbidden since 2009, it is resolved till the end of 2010, Euro - 3 - till the end of 2011, Euro - 4 - till the end of 2014 (see from December, 8th, 2008). But since 2015 manufacture of fuel below the standard Euro - 5 it is forbidden.

the Petrocompanies asked the government to shift terms on seven - ten years, the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin (more in detail about its meeting with heads of the petrocompanies see p. 2) has told yesterday. However the idea has not found support at the government. at all respect and attention to neftjanke I can tell that except it there are also other branches of economy, including motor industry. They are put in manufacture of new units, and investments already go taking into account plans which we together with you have published earlier - Vladimir Putin has told yesterday.

without installation kataliticheskogo krekinga to make fuel Euro - 5 probably only in very insignificant volumes, experts ITS " mark; Cortes . However oil industry workers are not assured that gasoline consumption in 2015 will be at level which would provide with it a recoupment of investments, analyst IK " believes; Solid Denis Borisov. Fuel with Kirishsky NPZ can be exported to Europe, however if in 2008 under forecasts growth of demand for gasoline there has to make 1,5 % following the results of a year falling on 0,9 % was observed.