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The foreign trade and investment bank contacts

As it became known the state considers possibility of consolidation of actives of communication on the basis of Foreign trade and investment bank (veb). The government discusses repayment possibility on one of structures VeBa of 40 % of actions Rostelecom which are on balance of investment bank the WHALE of Finans . The state corporation also can receive 75 % a minus one action Svyazinvest belonging to the state, and 25 - the percentage package of holding which are in property AFK System .
that the state considers the scheme of consolidation of actives of communication on the basis of veba, has told a source informed with a course of negotiations. It is one of possible scenarios, the interlocutor " makes a reservation; . In favour of such scheme, in particular, tells presence in group VeBa Communication - the bank traditionally acting as a branch clearing bank (90 % of its actions veb has received in the autumn of last year).

While in detail officials discuss a purchase question on one of structures VeBa of actions Rostelecom . In the beginning of this week at meeting at the deputy minister of the finance Alexander Novak the question of the repayment at " was discussed; the WHALE of Finansa 40 % of actions Rostelecom tells a source close to shareholders of the operator, and the representative of one of profile departments. According to interlocutors it is connected by that means, which the WHALE of Finans can receive for the account of sale of a package of the operator (capitalisation Rostelecom yesterday made $6,5 mlrd), it is possible to direct on repayment of debts before state companies or before Gazprombank (in the autumn of last year has given out the WHALE of Finansu the credit at a rate of 42 mlrd rbl.) . In the autumn of 90 % the WHALE of Finansa have been got by a consortium of investors from the Russian Railway and ALROSA (see from October, 9th, 2008).

that the owner about 40 % Rostelecom is the WHALE of Finans it became known in the summer of 2007. This package bought up investment bank at a stock exchange about one and a half years in interests UK the Leader the controllable insurance company Sogaz . From the beginning of last year till September the bank supported cost of the operator at level 220 rbl. for one ordinary action to avoid margin calls and reductions of the credit possibilities that hardly has not turned back bankruptcy of bank.

yesterday in the WHALE of Finanse have refused to make comments on the package repayment Rostelecom making a reservation that consolidation of actives Svyazinvest - The correct decision both from the point of view of development of business of the holding, and from the point of view of interests of its shareholders. we always considered that creation of the integrated national operator on the basis of the holding companies - almost unique scenario allowing them adequately to compete to other players of the market and to promote branch development - the operating director " speaks; the WHALE of Finansa Dmitry Gerkusov. The general director Rostelecom Konstantin Soloduhin believes that if change of the owner of a minority package of the operator and will occur, it will not affect in any way company business . It is remarkable that necessity of consolidation of actives Svyazinvest it was discussed at the first session of new board of directors Svyazinvest which has been selected in the beginning of this week.

one more large active which can pass to structures VeBa, - 25 % plus one action Svyazinvest belonging AFK System the interlocutor " tells; familiar with a course of negotiations. In the end of October the basic shareholder AFK System Vladimir Yevtushenkov has written the letter of premieres - to minister Vladimir Putin in whom has suggested to consider possibility of the repayment the state of 25 % plus one action Svyazinvest belonging to corporation, for $1,9 billion State is ready to redeem package AFK which is put in the Savings Bank under the credit in $1 mlrd, but without attraction of means of the federal budget, representatives of the branch ministries declared in the answer. At last, on structures VeBa can be consolidated and 75 % belonging to the state a minus one action Svyazinvest . Such scheme will allow the state to carry out reorganisation Svyazinvest state holding privatisation can become one of the further scenarios of that.

the Press - the secretary of the Russian Railway Dmitry Pertsev has refused yesterday comments, have similarly arrived in ALROSA, Ministry of economic development and trade, the Ministry of Finance, Minkomsvjazi and vebe. A source close to supervisory board VeBa, has informed that such commission vebu meanwhile did not arrive, however in case of approval of this decision by government VEB, considering strategic importance Rostelecom is ready to take on its balance of 40 % of actions.