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100 million greens

Financial crisis has not affected plans of Russian museum to carry out scale reconstruction of the Summer garden. On auction the state contract in starting cost more 100 million for which intend to struggle not less than three companies specialising on reconstruction of monuments of federal value is already exposed.
According to the official notice on placing of the state order, the project Reconstruction and major repairs with elements of a reconstruction of ensemble - a monument the Summer garden and Peter I Small house on Petrovsky quay has received real outlines. On March, 16th in the Stroganovsky palace belonging to Russian museum auction for choice genpodrjadchika the project first stage in which frameworks by the end of 2012 the Summer garden closed for visitors since autumn should be reconstructed will take place.

the summer garden has been broken on Peter I plan in 1704, and since then its shape has essentially changed. On a plan of its Russian museum the habitual kind since Pushkin times will replace the compromise version of Approximately Elizavetinsky epoch . In May of last year council about preservation of a cultural heritage of Petersburg has approved the project of scale transformation of a garden which provides not only restoration and muzeefikatsiju the remained elements, but also a reconstruction of some the lost objects. Discussion then was caused only by a question on two new affairs - a recreated historical Small greenhouse and modern economic construction. Within the limits of the project ( in detail wrote about it on February, 8th, 2008) promise to recreate, in particular, some fountains, a green labyrinth, a pond with an islet - an arbour and four bosketa. The historical kind will be accepted also by the Neva fencing. The well-known collection of a marble sculpture (more than 80 statues) will be replaced by marble copies, and originals will arrive in an exposition of Russian museum.

According to potential participants of auction, during the crisis period 2009 - 2010 for the project from the federal budget it is allocated all on 700 million rbl. a year. However full starting cost of the state contract - 4,486 mlrd rbl. (twice more than it it was supposed one year ago) - impresses: for comparison, on reconstruction dvortsovo - a park complex of the state memorial estate (GMZ) Oranienbaum (34 buildings on a site of 162 hectares) are provided with the area 7 mlrd rbl.

Demands acceptance for participation in auction will come to the end on March, 2nd. Intention to struggle for the budgetary order heads of the companies acting in a consortium " yesterday have confirmed; Setlprof (reconstructs the Mihajlovsky summer residence on the Peterhof road for placing of a campus of the Higher school of management) and neviss - a complex (Participated in reconstruction of park of the Konstantinovsky Palace, builds 11 - a floor book-depository for the Russian national library, modernises the Mariinsky theatre constructed by it earlier - 3), and also a source in the company Intarsija (reconstructs East wing of the General staff transferred to the Hermitage, restores a number of objects in GMZ Oranienbaum ). Them most the strong contender, by data can become one their Moscow companies.

, St.-Petersburg