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World currencies has struck rouble

World currencies continue to become cheaper concerning rouble. Yesterday the course bivaljutnoj baskets has decreased on 1,7 % to 39,1 rbl. Participants of the market reduce investments in currency in calculation to earn on rouble tools until the rouble will not start to become cheaper again.
yesterday at the auctions by currency on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange cost bivaljutnoj baskets has decreased for 67 copeck to 39,1 rbl. the Basket becomes cheaper so prompt rates as it rose in price in the end of January. During the auctions its cost reached to 39,05 rbl. - a minimum since January, 29th. Following the results of the yesterday`s auctions on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange a dollar exchange rate with delivery tomorrow has decreased on 2,2 % to 34,773 rbl./ $, the euro exchange rate has lost 2,8 %, having fallen to 44,7453 rbl./ . Central Bank Official rates make for today 34,80 rbl./ $ and 44,96 rbl./ . The bank of Russia on - former does not appear in the currency market, experts confirm. According to dealers, the Central Bank can enter the market with currency purchase at level 37 - 39 rbl. On a basket.

in process of rouble strengthening the number wishing grows also to sell currency - a number of players fix profit, including for formation of means for repayment of tax payments. According to Alpha bank, on Monday on February, 16th the companies and banks should pay the uniform social tax at a rate of 137 mlrd rbl. If earlier all played rouble devaluation now the market moves in an opposite direction, opening short positions on currency - currency dealer Promsvjazbanka Alexey of Fists explains.

to new game from the Central Bank it is connected more and more participants, including non-residents. Selling now dollars and putting the received means in rouble tools, even at a stable rouble exchange rate they receive high enough currency profitableness - tens annual interest rates.

one of the first of currency managing directors have started leave portfelnye, which bought currency for share funds in the end of the last year (see from January, 30th). In the middle of January from the funds managing directors " have sold currency; Three Dialogue have declared in the company. In process of cost approach bivaljutnoj baskets to 41 rbl. to sell currency there were managing directors of other companies. It was confirmed with representatives OFG Invest Uralsiba the Alpha - the capital the WHALE of Fortis the Investment cop . The Portfelnyj managing director the Alpha - the capital Alexander Varjushkin has declared that has already closed a part of currency contributions. According to the general director under investments the WHALE of Fortis the Investment cop Vladimir Tsuprova, the currency position in funds has been reduced to 80 %. Uralsib completely realised a currency portfolio of the funds, have informed in the company.

currency gamble have brought in to managing directors the considerable income. According to Alexander Varjushkina, funds the Alpha - the capital Have earned on currency to 5 % from cost of a net wealth (SCHA). The income of PIFS Uralsiba from currency investments head of analytical management of the company Alexander Golovtsov has estimated in 2 - 7 % from SCHA. These indicators are commensurable with the income of investments into securities which occupied in funds in two - three times bolshy volume, than investments in currency.

managing directors have reduced investments into currency as do not expect its growth in the near future. According to Alexander Varjushkina, the dollar exchange rate in following two - can fall three months to 32 - 33 rbl./ $. As he said, it is not meaningful to sit in dollars and euro, when rouble interest rates zapredelny . Profitableness of bonds Gazprom makes about 11 % annual, - 14 % annual, FSK - 17 - 19 % annual, not to mention more risky emitters there are more than LUKOIL. From the beginning of February even taking into account yesterday`s correction of indexes of the action of the oil and gas companies have risen in price for 5 %, the metallurgical companies - on 30 - 50 %. Besides, according to the managing directors, the increased liquidity in stock market allows to generate a short-term portfolio.

however further managing directors are not going to refuse currency gamble. They directly say that will renew currency purchases at first signs of easing of rouble. on our decision, as reduction of prices such factors can affect oil, high budgetary expenses and injection of rouble liquidity in a financial system - Vladimir Tsuprov marks.