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The investor in a package

Financial corporation “ Opening “ through the representation in Rostov-on-Don has started search of the regional companies for which means are necessary for business development. Resources will be involved at the expense of investors and by means of crediting which will carry out belonging to corporation “ Russian bank of development “. According to experts, thus the corporation aspires to expand the client base. However from their point of view, offer introduction on crediting in the general package deal hardly will allow to involve additional clients as cost of offered resources does not differ from offers of other credit organisations.
as the director of representation FK " has informed „“; Opening “ in Rostov-on-Don Alexander Zhukov, investment bank “ Opening “ together with commercial bank “ Russian bank of development “ intend to deduce on the market a new product - “ The transaction with a share capital “ plus “ commercial crediting “. As he said, having used this offer, the regional companies can receive the decision actual in the conditions of deficiency of liquidity of a problem of financing at the expense of attraction of the investor or by means of crediting. “„ Opening “possesses examination in the field of carrying out of transactions with the capital, and at commercial bank is necessary for development biznesov liquidity “ - the director of representation has told.

as he said, the sums of credit financing are in an interval of 150-500 million roubles. Rates at level of 18-22 % in currency and 22-27 % in roubles. “ making of the decision, the holding will estimate idea of the project which is offered by the company, and also professionalism of its command. Start up, investments into real estate, attempts to help the companies with inadequate debt loading, gradoobrazujushchim to the inefficient enterprises are not included into a circle of considered projects “ - Alexander Zhukov has underlined.

FK “ Opening “ works in stock market since 1995. The company specialises on granting of services in trade in securities. The company structure includes Open Societies “ the Broker house“Opening““ Open Company UK “ Opening - the Corporate finance “ Open Society AB “ Opening “. Authorised capital FK “ Opening “ - 356,026 million roubles. Clients of the company are institutional investors and physical persons. Offices FK “ Opening “ Germany and in Cyprus is located more than in 20 cities of Russia, and also in Great Britain.

As experts mark, rendering new service, the corporation thus aspires to expand the client base. However, in their opinion, new it is impossible to name it. “ almost all investment holdings incorporate both banks, and divisions in sphere of the corporate finance, and already offer clients such service. Search of the investor - long process, therefore, while it proceeds, the enterprise can obtain the short-term or intermediate term credit for financing of current activity and the decision of problems of development “ - expert IK " marks; finam “ Alexey Kurasov.

It has explained that such offer can be favourable to the enterprises when the bank credit to receive difficult from - for the rigid approach of bank to an estimation of solvency of the borrower and its debt loading. “ in such cases a unique exit can be attraction of the investor which, putting in the company the means, raises its financial stability “ - he considers. By its estimation, cost of service in attraction of the investor usually makes 3-8 % from transaction cost. “ the more expensively the transaction, the more low percent “ - he has specified.

as Oleg Semenenko from " marks; Three Dialogue “ guarantees for the enterprise that the investor will be found, no. “ In certain cases investment banks redeem shares in the companies, but now such decisions can be connected with excessive risk “ - Alexey Kurasov speaks. It has carried risk of bankruptcy of the enterprises, depreciation of an investment package, necessity of additional financing, and also low liquidity of an active to them.

the head of one of banks of the Rostov region, asked not to name his name, has noticed „“ that the credit offer “ Opening “ hardly will allow to involve additional clients, as, as he said, the rates declared in a new product quite market. He doubts that they will be more attractive to the enterprises, than the offer of other credit organisations.