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STEPiKo it can appear off side

Performance of a Novosibirsk command of KVN STEPiKo playing higher league of KVN on the First channel in this season it has appeared under the threat of failure for the financial reasons. Yesterday director of the team Alexey Alchikov has informed on it . As he said, the Novosibirsk regional administration does not refuse the further support of a command, but in connection with crisis of means from the regional budget can be directed STEPiKo not earlier than the second quarter 2009. Command performance for a season manages in 15 million rbl. Meanwhile its first game is planned for March, 11th. In this connection STEPiKo has addressed to Novosibirsk business - to community with the request for financial support. we have registered the project on creation of a board of guardians of movement of KVN in Novosibirsk. This council could include some companies which could generate budget of the team - has told g - n Alchikov. STEPiKo participates in the higher league since 2006, in January, 2009 has confirmed this right following the results of the Sochi festival Kivin the highest result of a command is the exit in a semi-final in 2007.