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Operative stop

Participants of social movement a TIGER, organised on January, 31st in Omsk a protest action against increase of import duties for second-hand foreign cars, have addressed in regional Office of Public Prosecutor with the requirement to institute criminal proceedings heads of Omsk militia. TIGERS have declared pressure of agents of national security: the day before militiamen have rigidly suppressed attempts of motorists to spend picket. And windows of apartment of one of active workers of movement - Egor Yeremeyev - have been fired by unknown persons from a traumatic pistol. Now motorists are supported by Omsk communists and prepare references in the State Duma of the Russian Federation and the State Office of Public Prosecutor.
its organizers yesterday have told about reprisals concerning participants of the autoaction - local participants of social movement the TIGER (“ Association of initiative citizens of Russia “) . The meeting with journalists has passed in Omsk obkome the Communist Party of the Russian Federation; as TIGERS have explained, communists support their actions.

as informed „“, on January, 31st the group of Omsk TIGERS has tried to organise automobile race against increase of duties on second-hand foreign cars and the high prices for fuel, 40 cars have taken part in the action approximately. Despite lacking an official interdiction (permissions to automobile race carrying out it was not required. - „“) on action carrying out, motorists “ have not passed even 50 metres “ also have been detained by militia. Participants of not taken place run were brought to the Department of Internal Affairs by Ή1 Central districts, and then in world court. It have made infringement ch. 2 items 20. 2 KoAP of the Russian Federation (“ Infringement of the established order of the organisation or carrying out of meeting, meeting, demonstration, procession or picketing “) And to one of active workers - to Yury Pshenichnikovu - have brought accusation in the organisation of the unapproved action.

as the representative of TIGERS Egor Yeremeyev has informed yesterday, the court over Yury Pshenichnikovym who has dismissed from it all charges on February, 11th has taken place. However to the mister Yeremeyev, decided to support this day a companion picket before a building of the Department of Internal Affairs Ή1, has carried less. “ we have notified the authorities On carrying out of picket in advance, participation of three - four persons was supposed, but from - for stoppers to the beginning I was in time only. In the morning this day (on February, 11th) windows of my apartment have been fired by unknown persons from a traumatic pistol, something like “ Wasps “. In apartment there were only parents - all of us on the eve of picket did not spend the night houses that us did not take from entrances. I have photos of traces from bullets, parents have not suffered, but have written the application in militia “ - Egor Yeremeyev has told. Having reached the Department of Internal Affairs Ή1, the motorist with surprise has found out that picket already goes there at full speed, but TIGERS, and certain " spend him at all; strong young men in civil clothes “. “ In hands they had posters „it is useful Go on foot for health!“ “ - the public man has told. Egor Yeremeyev has been there and then detained by law enforcement officers.

according to mister Yeremeyev, correspondents of a broadcasting company " tried to remove an event on a videocamera; Ren TV “ however militiamen “ blocked the operator “. “ Me have taken away in the militian bus. I have tried with cellular to call the lawyer - the militiaman began to take away from me cellular. To me have unscrewed hands. I have started to call to the aid, but the militiaman has clamped to me a mouth “ - Egor Yeremeyev has told. He has declared intention to pass medical examination, that “ to fix physical injuries “. After that the active worker have taken away in a building of the Department of Internal Affairs, have kept there three hours, then have brought to world court and have made the report on rendering of resistance to workers of militia. “ all this time to me did not start up the lawyer “ - mister Yeremeyev has added.

Omsk communists observed of picket. “ The situation develops under more drama scenario, than it was possible to assume. And in all ordinary police officers, and chiefs, colonels " participated not; - the leader of Omsk branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Alexander Kravets has noted. According to the second secretary Omsk obkoma, the deputy of regional Legislative Assembly Andrey Alekhin, on the eve of picket, on February, 10th, to it employees of migratory service were interested. “ in the house where I live, employees of Federal migratory service have come and have started to interrogate neighbours, whether there are in my apartment illegal migrants. Thus to me why - that did not begin to come “ - mister Alekhin has told.

as Egor Yeremeyev has informed, organizers of protest actions have written two applications in regional Office of Public Prosecutor and one - in service of own safety of the Department of Internal Affairs. They accuse heads of the Department of Internal Affairs Ή1 TSAO Omsk of infringement of item 149 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ Hindrance to carrying out of meeting, meeting, demonstration, procession, picketing or participation in them “). Militiamen are assured that charges in their address are groundless. “ we consider that we operated within the limits of the law “ - Olga ShChuchenko has told the senior inspector on public relations of the Department of Internal Affairs Ή1 TSAO Omsk.

Now Omsk representatives of the TIGER together with communists prepare references in State Duma and State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation with requirement to make corresponding investigation.