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the Altay militiamen have actually saved to me life

Today in Barnaul will pass funeral of the commander of a battalion of traffic police of Michael Freeva who was lost in road accident to which the train of Kemerovo governor Aman Tuleyev has got. Militiamen have actually saved to it life, having accepted on the Audi A6 blow of KamAZa which have unexpectedly jumped out on a counter strip. Circumstances of incident finds out the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Altay territory which has brought action under article about infringement of traffic regulations, led to death of the person.
failure details, proisshedshej on Wednesday on 66 - m kilometre of a two-way line Kuzbas - Altai around settlement Zalesovo in Altay territory yesterday became known. As informed yesterday , Mercedes - 500 Kemerovo governors Aman Tuleyev moved accompanied by Audi A6 of traffic police of Altay territory in a direction It is mountain - Altajska. The traffic police crew consisted of two persons: Car the major of militia Sergey Krivashin operated, on a forward passenger seat there was lieutenant colonel Michael Freev.

Nearby 16. 00 going towards to KamAZ - dlinnomer under control of 40 - summer Vasily Tchurkin, with the experience of driving more than 20 years, have unexpectedly brought, the car was developed across by roads, and the escort car ran into back wheels of the truck. Despite the pillows which have worked in Audi of safety, both militiamen have got serious traumas. They have been delivered in the central hospital of Zalesovsky area where Michael Freev has died from the received traumas. At Sergey Krivashina heavy crises. Yesterday it have transported in the first city hospital of Barnaul which doctors consider that his life is out of danger.

according to employees of traffic police and the Kemerovo governor, taken up Audi blow has allowed to reduce speed movements of KamAZa and to avoid its collision with governor`s Mercedes. The Altay militiamen have actually saved to me life - Aman Tuleyev has declared yesterday. It has directed the offer to the Kemerovo regional council to appropriate to courageous militiamen a rank the Hero of Kuzbas which is the higher award of region. Besides, has directed petitions to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation to Rashidu Nurgalievu about Michael Freeva and Sergey Krivashina`s representation to the state awards. The governor has made also decision to render material aid to families of the victim and the victim. Including from its salary will be monthly listed to 10 thousand rbl. on the maintenance of two children of Michael Freeva.

Yesterday it became known that Aman Tuleyev went in Is mountain - Altajsk for participation in meeting with local businessmen and heads of some the areas, devoted to asphalting entered into last year forces of two regions shchebenochnoj highways Is mountain - Altajsk - Turochak - Tashtagol (Kemerovo region). The meeting has taken place already without its participation. The governor who has received a stretching of muscles of a neck, now is in sanatorium the Health resort of Kuzbas in Belokurikha (Altay territory).

In the meantime the main investigatory management of the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs has filed criminal charges on ch. 2 items 264 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Infringement of traffic regulations and operation of the vehicles, entailed on imprudence death of the person ) . In traffic police and investigatory management refuse to inform any new details of incident, including on on what speed the faced cars moved. In a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs have only noticed that, according to preliminary data, the driver of the truck was sober. The consequence considers various versions, among them and malfunction of brake system.

funeral of the commander of a separate battalion dorozhno - patrol service of traffic police at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Altay territory the lieutenant colonel of militia 32 - summer Michael Freeva will pass today. Farewell ceremony will take place in the Barnaul recreation centre motorostroitelej.