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At you all under the law was?

direct speech

Evgenie Adamov, supervisor of studies NIKIET of N.A.Dollezhalja, sentenced in 2008 to five and a half to years of imprisonment:

- Have made laugh. Under documents which are available on my business, it is visible that as legality does not smell. Complaints go constantly. And still it is not known, how many to me will give for these words.

Alexander Temerko, the former vice-president of the company YUKOS:

- In YUKOS business there was only political component. In another matters too, probably, there is a special motivation: struggle for the property or war with opponents. But the Office of Public Prosecutor and SKP has a possibility all to correct, time they recognise errors.

Galina Bulbova, the wife the general - lieutenant FSKN Alexander Bulbova who is in custody:

- All was illegal since detention. Then arrest has taken place without criminal case excitation, and business has not been registered at all. Office of Public Prosecutor and VS fight for justice restoration, but Bastrykin ignores these complaints. This business is obviously fabricated SKP, and even our complaints in a judicial order are transferred without assigning any reasons.

Vasily Bojko, the head of the company the vashfinansovyj trustee accused of swindle with the earths of Ruzsky area of Moscow Region:

- Is not present, certainly. Our business has been raised illegally, and in the initial formulation there was no crime event. It is the main problem which the consequence tried to solve quantity and in volume of investigatory actions - it has been interrogated more than 2 thousand persons. Thus it is not made any examination on authenticity and date of manufacturing of documents. Thus all witnesses were for us.

Inna Ermoshkina, the lawyer under which claims more than 60 notaries, including relatives of high-ranking officials, have lost the status (a consequence incriminates to Inna Ermoshkinoj swindle with apartments and legalisation of criminally acquired means. - ):

- Under what law? Criminal case against me has been raised on the basis of the official report of the militiaman and the statement of the citizen. And three decisions about refusal of excitation of business have been ignored. And, of course, all from - for personal motives: I have achieved deprivation of notarial powers of the son of general Pronin, and the judge in the open has declared to me that Pronin promised to move it from a hostel in apartment if it plants me.