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With widely closed eyes

Yesterday in Smolninsky district court of St.-Petersburg have passed preliminary hearings on business of the main state customs inspector of the Pulkovsky customs accused of swindle and attempt at reception of a bribe. Under the charge version, the inspector, using the office position, some times received money for the help in illegal transportation of currency through border. Now the high-ranking customs officer is threatened with imprisonment for the term up to ten years.
as has told the senior assistant sankt - the Petersburg transport public prosecutor Ljubov Kunkevich, in the beginning of June, 2008 in service of own safety of Pulkovsky customs has addressed Nikolay Golubev who has declared that a certain employee of customs demands from it money for unobstructed pass of control and offers for compensation the help in currency transportation through border without declaring. As the applicant has told, at passage of customs control to Pulkovo to it some times showed heightened interest the same employee of customs. In the absence of any necessity this officer spent total examination of all luggage of mister Golubeva, as much as possible complicating it pass through border. To address in security service Nikolay Golubev has solved after last meeting with excessively vigilant inspector. The traveller came back from Rome and on a customs post has again come into the hands old znakomtsa. Having turned over all contents of a suitcase of the passenger, the inspector has demanded from it payment of the import duty for personal things. However, the inspector has there and then offered the tourist a variant with which help that could avoid problems with customs. Was to call in advance only on special number enough and to warn the customs officer that you are going to go abroad. And then for a small bribe (10 % from the sum exceeding resolved to export of $10 thousand) the client there can pass without problems customs control. During check of the statement of Golubeva the information on attempt of the official to receive a bribe has proved to be true. It was possible to establish and the person of the enterprising customs officer (only his name and phone number before was known). The main state customs inspector of department of customs registration and customs control N of 1 Pulkovsky customs Sergey Zemljansky has appeared it. Customs officers have decided to detect the Dishonest colleague in the act. Mister Golubeva have supplied means and money also have asked to resort abroad at following departures to the help of the inspector. And in July, 2008 the mister Zemljansky has twice helped the client to carry by some tens thousand dollars through customs border. For what in the form of compensation in two steps should receive 16 thousand roubles. At attempt to receive second half of stipulated sum the main inspector with polichnym has been detained by field investigators of customs bodies. Customs officers have directed all received materials of investigation to interdistrict Sankt - the Petersburg investigatory department on transport, but have received the unexpected answer: criminal case excitation to refuse. The consequence has considered that signs of structure of a crime in actions of the mister Zemljansky are not available. But after variety of meetings with representatives of supervising body - Sankt - the Petersburg transport Office of Public Prosecutor - inspectors have cancelled the decision. And in the end of October, 2008 concerning Zemljansky criminal case has been brought. And in February, 2009 the public prosecutor has confirmed the bill of particulars and criminal case has been directed to court.