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To save on crisis

Crisis has corrected plans of small and average businessmen under the immediate repayment of rented premises on favourable terms. According to chairman KUGI Igor Metelsky, on the beginning of February in committee 60 demands for realisation of the right of priority of the repayment from 5 thousand the objects which are subject to the repayment have arrived only. Experts consider that businessmen have stood in expectation of falling of the prices for real estate.
since January, 1st, 2009 businessmen, within three years properly executing obligations under the lease contract of state property, can use the right of the primary repayment of objects of real estate at the market price without tendering. In Petersburg premises the area to 500 sq. m. instalments Term - are subject two years to preferential privatisation. As the federal legislator has not deciphered that means appropriate execution of obligations Smolnyj has established own requirements. The repayment right of priority those tenants from sphere of small and average business which no more than two times a year and no more than for five days have delayed payment can use, did not hand over a premise in illegal subrent and did not spend illegal re-plannings. The businessmen taking the most direct part in preparation of the document, assured that are ready to redeem premises though next day after the introduction of the law into force as already dreamt to get object in the property.

however as it was found out from Igor Metelsky`s statement, small and average business does not hasten to use yet the right of the repayment of premises on favourable terms. For February, 10th in KUGI 60 demands for acquisition of rented object of real estate by the area of 6 680 sq. m. Thus in the committee have arrived are assured: dynamics positive as minus New Year`s holidays the law operates all month. As businessmen under the federal law have 1,5 years on realisation of the right of priority. By the way, from 60 applicants 53 intend to buy a premise on an instalment plan.

the co-ordinator of League of tenants Yana Borovitsky adheres to other point of view. In its opinion if to preferential privatisation are subject as testifies KUGI, 5 thousand objects, monthly should arrive not less than 300 references. However today to businessmen stirs some circumstances. A principal cause that businessmen at a stage of application do not represent, in their object how many will be estimated. On the established procedure, object market price is defined already after application. Under the law, market cost counts State Unitary Enterprise the Municipal government of inventory and a real estate estimation within 10 working days from the date of premise survey. If after definition of the price the businessman finds out that does not presume to redeem to itself object, the premise anyway is subject to sale, but already from the auctions. And the company using similar design procedures can spend a tentative estimation only. KUGI, by the way, recommends the potential buyer of NP SRO Community of professionals of an estimation . These professionals - appraisers will have access to databases and metodologijam which are used today in Fund of property and GUION - the general director of State Unitary Enterprise GUION Alexander Chuprakov speaks.

At the same time, the tentative estimation will not rescue businessmen. For anybody not a secret: banks are now extremely careful in granting of credits that aggravates a situation with realisation of the right of priority of the repayment, Yana Borovitsky has continued. As, getting object, businessmen should pay to the VAT state (that is 18 % from transaction cost).

However, interlocutors are assured that businessmen pursue also the mercenary interest. The head of Association of small and average business Sergey Vesnov has declared that its colleagues have stood in expectation of falling of the prices for real estate in the conditions of crisis. they assume that for those one and a half year which the law operates, the market will continue the movement downwards - director GUION Alexander Chuprakov agrees with it. As he said, since the autumn the average price of rent of premises has fallen on 15 - 20 %. However expectations of businessmen, under its forecast, most likely, will not justify. I think that the tendency of reduction of cost hardly will remain with reference to liquid objects of real estate, and it is the most part of the premises which are subject to preferential privatisation - mister Chuprakov believes.

From total of the objects which are subject to the preferential repayment, 80 percent have taken off from the list after drawing up of the list of objects, not privatizeable, - Sergey Vesnov has concluded. - From 20 percent which have remained only can really redeem. As a rule, it will be representatives of average business . As a result, mister Vesnov has concluded, the majority of businessmen will be compelled to keep rent relations. At least until the economic situation in the country and the world is not stabilised.