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The superconductor

In the Concert hall Mariinsky Valery Gergiev has spent concert execution of an opera of Riharda Wagner Loengrin . DMITRY RENANSKY has tried to estimate incident scale.
Entered in vagnerovsky the Maryinsky Theater subscription concert execution Loengrina it has formally been devoted 100 - letiju the specialist in drama study - devotee Abram Gozenpuda. In practice event looked and sounded how if Valery Gergiev undertook to note absolutely other anniversary, important first of all for it: ten years ago it has filled up repertoire of Mariinsky theatre with a premiere of the scenic version Loengrina . After the successful premiere it became definitively clear that mariintsam on shoulders and the Ring of the nibelung - the test for superhuman abilities of opera collective. Troupe and its demiurge the test have passed successfully. Then mister Gergiev glorified mainly for possibility to hear Wagner alive, without leaving for the sake of it the Petersburg limits. Now this a little provincial delight should be replaced with emotion of more noble sense. We will tell, on cosmopolitan pride: for these ten years in Mariinsky theatre what are deprived possessing an assembly vagnerovskih singers and vagnerovskih directors of Bajrojt has ripened, Berlin and Paris - vagnerovsky the conductor. Has come to appreciate time Valery Gergiev not as the master of theatrical logistics, not as the genius of opera management, and as musician.

the concert format in which it is impossible to hide for director`s successes or failures, has only confirmed that today with vagnerovskoj music mister Gergiev indeed copes how anybody in the world. From a Mariinsky theatre orchestra pit - 1 Wagner during last seasons sounded at the best correctly, but costed last summer Tristanu and Isoice To cross a Mariinsky theatre threshold - 3, - results have appeared literally dizzy. And in Loengrine Valery Gergiev about Tristane does not allow to forget - the intermediate opera for the composer sounds late Wagner`s forerunner. The symphonic topology is turned upside down, copper on - heavenly is soft, string are responsible for monolithic soil. The radio introduction to an opera in which the conductor with skill krysolova concentrates attention of a thousand hall to reverential music of silence, - no more than the distracting maneuver facilitating vkalyvanie to public vagnerovskogo of a drug.

Mariinsky singers also have found freedom inaccessible before. In Henry Ptitselova`s party are melted to become and grown wise courage of all crowned roles of Gennady Bezzubenkova. Royal herald Andrey Spehov regally osanist. Edem Umerov which have liberated the dejected psychophysis transforms henpecked Telramunda into the tragical hero of Shakespearean scale. Be well matched for them revelling in Ortruda Larissa Gogolevsky`s harm and soaring in heavenly overtones of a carnal voice of Elza Marina Shaguch. The main sensation Loengrina - taken from Mariinsky laboratory new heldentenor Sergey Skorohodov in a title part. The svezhevskormlennyj baby bird is shy, but in a final monologue shows quite promising wingspan and beauty of a voice. The miracle has occurred: in irreplaceable Leonid Zahozhaeva`s absence it is not necessary any more to borrow tenors abroad, bashfully to redden from - for attempts of local shots.

that does maestro Gergiev with the theatre, it is seductive to project on history of Loengrina: the strange wanderer has come, has rescued the maiden of Russian opera and has taken her as wife, having put to a condition of prosperity the request not to set to it superfluous questions. To Gergiev their great variety, from funny (what for conducts a toothpick?) and eternal (paternal not to dispossess the chorus most part?) To metaphysical - why, say, at the Maryinsky Theater that in it is created today is created. But to try to squeeze the hero in frameworks of human morals it is senseless - he can answer it to us with only uncontrolled musical paganism. Wagner`s sixth opera comes to the end heppi - endom in which Loengrin which has opened the name leaves the flock under successor protection. Any alternative to Gergiev it is not expected yet, without it to protect opera Russia there will be nobody. It has made us heroes of the myth, in which all other the destiny - fidelity, self-sacrifice and belief is prepared truly vagnerovskaja.